As a single person (prior to my first marriage) I did have self confidence and acceptance issues with how men viewed me. If a guy was attractive to me, then I felt accepted. I was naive and didn’t think much about “what they were thinking” beyond liking me because they thought I was attractive. I often would want the attention of Christian men (real ones) but most of the attention came from those living in the world. Of course, I did know that my self confidence and acceptance is based on Christ. But I still struggled with this. Prior to college, my family life and environment (outside of church), was pretty negative and started the foundation of my self confidence issues. Of course, most of the time, it came as heart break as I would strive to be like Jesus in my morals and dating relationships.

As far as pornography is concerned, certain members of my family had magazines around all the time. As an adult, I had close friends whose marriages broke up due to the husband having an Internet porn addiction and refusing to change. In my first marriage, my ex-husband had a porn addiction, and he cheated on me through meeting someone in an Internet chatroom. I never knew about the cheating until after the divorce.

I decided that I was tired of the devil using this sort of bondage on people.

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