I have given in to temptation multiple times to seek out pornography. If it wasn’t for the mind, there wouldn’t be a battle. That’s where, as every man has experienced, the battle lies. Pornography definitely injured my marriage even before I was married. I didn’t have self-control because the things I had seen where burned into my memory, causing me to stumble even when I wasn’t around a computer.

Even after I got my married to the love of my life I still was tempted, even more so than before, and stumbled at times. Satan does not want married men to succeed but to fall and be rejected. Even though the confession of my sin was hard to fathom for my beautiful wife, God’s grace and mercy still abound and He is healing us.

I’ve come to realize that I can walk and truly live in freedom by keeping every thought captive to the obedience of Christ . . . even the good thoughts. My wife and I are in love and continuing to grow in grace for each other. I have and will continue to encourage men to build up walls of self-control around them. Just like the Proverb says , ‘A city without walls, is like a man without self-control.’

– Jarrod Herald from Surrendered