Grant Norsworthy

My favorite term from the Australian version of English is “fair-dinkum.” It’s a little two-word phrase with multiple uses back home and, loosely, it means honest, legitimate, worthwhile, valuable, of quality.

I’m going to try to be fair-dinkum here.

I don’t want to talk about this topic. But it also seems to me that I should not avoid it. I’d rather not speak about porn (there, I said it) but then, perhaps to do so is part of my ongoing healing and could help other people too.

I’m just another broken man, swimming into the mystery of hope and wholeness through Jesus the Christ. I’m swimming out through the breakers and I’m way beyond my depth. It’s exhilarating yet frightening. But it sure beats choking on sand.

As far as I can understand, living without porn is NOT about trying harder, or building up my defenses, or being more disciplined, or maintaining a squeaky clean reputation, or being “accountable” to someone who is distant, or working more diligently at my own personal holiness, or even installing some software.

It’s more about giving up. Surrendering. About a one hundred and eighty degree turn from where I was – everything I thought I knew.

It’s about being fair-dinkum with myself. It’s about being engaged in at least two or three fair-dinkum relationships. It’s about my fair-dinkum worship of God – my pure and perfect, James 1:27 response to the Cross. Porn is the symptom, not the problem. I am the problem and Jesus is the answer.

* * * * *

Grant Norsworthy is a Grammy® nominated and Dove Award winning musician who is quickly gaining a reputation as a powerful and engaging speaker. Formerly bassist with Paul Colman Trio (pc3), SONICFLOOd and others, and originally from Melbourne Australia, Grant now lives with his wife and young son in Nashville, TN, USA.

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