Clay Crosse

In 1998, my wife Renee and I went through a strong rededication to Christ. This began with me confessing my struggle with pornography to Renee. It was clearly a tough thing to do, but God started doing an amazing healing through it. This confession began the growth in Christ that we and our marriage had needed for so long.

Now, several years later, we look back and can see clear growth and much, much improvement. To all this we shout “To God be the glory!” In fact, we shout this on stages nationwide. In church services, marriage conferences and seminars. Our book about this life rocking rededication is titled I Surrender All: Rebuilding a Marriage Broken By Pornography.

It’s so strange and something I would have never thought God could use for a ministry platform. My weaknesses, of all things! But He has. And He continues to urge me to just be real with people about our common struggles, all the while pointing them to Him!

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