Paige Hackett

Paige Hackett’s song “Clean” was one of the five finalists for the Covenant Musicians Song Search.

Paige started writing music and singing publicly 9 years ago, but only recently has she plunged into a career as a solo artist. In 2009, at age 22, she released her first album, Kre8ted2Wurship.

Paige wrote “Clean” for one of her friends who is still facing a battle with addiction. “This was simply me putting myself in their shoes,” Paige writes, “but God sees everything we go through. He knows the desires of our heart. He also knows when we are trying so hard to do what’s right, and yet sometimes we still fail. God’s Love and Word can cleanse us! We are made whole in Christ Jesus.”


Paige Hackett’s music is available on her website.