NEELY’s song “Falling Down” was one of the five finalists for the Covenant Musicians Song Search.

This husband and wife duo from Bennington, Kansas, have spent the last ten years sharing their experiences and convictions through song.

Kaci Neely says, “We were both born and raised in the church, but have both gone out and mindlessly lived our lives with reckless abandon. With our songs, we talk about the consequences of those lifestyles, and we open ourselves up to sharing about how God heals and has brought us freedom.”

“Falling Down” is the story of Jeremy Neely’s life seen through the eyes of the Prodigal Son (Luke 15). “It is a story about the beauty of falling down and surrendering my life to God,” Jeremy states, “but it also reflects upon on the scarier images of falling down into snare of my passions and desires,” such as drugs, alcohol, and lust.

NEELY’s music is available on their website.