Communities by Covenant Eyes


Discipleship and accountability go together.

Real discipleship is all about relationships, and relationships are founded on the bedrock of trust and accountability.

Communities from Covenant Eyes help churches, small groups, non-profits, and others facilitate a culture of accountability and openness. They allow large groups to sign up quickly and easily for Covenant Eyes Internet Accountability, and help people connect to each other.

Here’s how it works.

  • A faith-based organization invites its members to join a Community.
  • When people in your organization, either individuals or families, sign up for Covenant Eyes, they can easily be added as a member of your Community.
  • Once an account is set up, a Community Manager, such as a pastor, can see how many people are participating in the Community, and invite or remove additional Covenant Eyes accounts to the Community.
  • In the future, organizations who use Communities will be able to start a community rewards program, allowing groups to reinvest funds and minister more effectively.

Your organization becomes the hub for a whole network of Covenant Eyes accounts, facilitating conversations and fostering a culture of accountability.


5 Questions I Wish My Accountability Partner Would Ask

Take Your Pulse.

Want to see how your church or organization is doing at fighting pornography? Community Managers can see the “Pulse” of the Community—a dashboard showing you how many accounts have joined, how many people are actively using Internet Accountability, how many people have Accountability Partners, and other high-level information meant to help you see whether your church is struggling or standing strong.

Communities. Now Available from Covenant Eyes.