The power of accountability for your church or organization.

We Can Beat Porn. Together.

Communities from Covenant Eyes can help your church overcome pornography.

A Digital Health Assessment

In order to create a customized solution, we use a carefully crafted set of questions to determine the current state of your church/organization's digital health.

A Customized Roadmap

Using expertise gained from working with thousands of Christian leaders, we co-develop a list of specific actions you can take to protect your people from online threats.

Culture Change

We invite you to join over 1000 other faith organizations that are using a Covenant Eyes Community to defeat pornography and turn the tide on sexual exploitation in all of its forms.

Equip Your Staff

Communities from Covenant Eyes gives your staff the tools to lead change.

Staff Training

By learning about pornography’s pervasive impact on God’s people, your staff will have greater empathy for the concerns of the congregation and increased sensitivity for their needs.

Church Advisor

Our team of Church Advisors will walk with you and your staff through every step of your Communities implementation.

Church Governance

We help organizations craft policies and procedures that clearly outline digital expectations and paths for recovery.

We Can Beat Porn. Together.

Communities from Covenant Eyes can help your church overcome pornography.

Educational Portal

Community members have 24/7 access to transformative educational resources for families, men, women, and youth.

Quality Software

Habitual sin hampers a leader's ability to teach the Gospel. Our Accountability software, technical expertise, and customer service team help break the bonds of addiction and protect your staff and congregation from future transgressions.

A Sense of Togetherness

Fighting porn alone is difficult and disheartening. A Covenant Eyes Community creates a sense of connection to like-minded individuals.

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Pornography is an equal opportunity destroyer of lives.

Together, we can start a movement for change.

Pornography use is prevalent among all age groups, gravely harmful to relationships, and erodes real community within your church.

Communities equips your church to protect its people from online threats through use of quality software, training for your staff, a sense of connection, practical resources for your congregation, and a dedicated team of consultants to walk with you every step of the way.