Since we released our browser app for iPhone® and iPad®, our #1 request has been to expand our coverage to the entire phone. After all, you paid big money for a smartphone; you want to be able to use all of its features, including Siri and Safari.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t been technically possible… until now.

Very soon, we plan to release our brand new, completely overhauled Covenant Eyes Accountability app for iPhone® and iPad®. Our patent pending technology extends accountability coverage on the iPhone and iPad in ways that no one else can.

This new technology will allow Covenant Eyes users to keep Safari enabled, click through web links in e-mail, and use Siri to perform web searches. All Google or Bing searches in any browser view, including those embedded in other apps, will be rated if they are clicked on.

All of this leads to more information captured in our Accountability Reports and improved Accountability conversations.

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