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16 thoughts on “Covenant Eyes’ Android Accessibility Update

    • Hello, Molly. No, and there will be an annoying “turn Accessibility back on” on the screen until they do so.

  1. I just found out that my son is able to turn off covenant eyes at will by turning off accessibility on his Android phone. He is no longer getting the annoying screen telling him to turn it back on, so in effect, the filter can be disabled whenever he wants.

    I tried turning it off on my own android phone, and I too was able to turn accessibility off with no problem.

    This is a big problem, and we are now considering a different filter since Covenant eyes does not seem to working as advertised.

    • Hi, Helen – we’re working hard on a solution that isn’t tied to Accessibility in case Google removes this access (which they’ve threatened to do).

  2. Does CE have a way to monitor android internet usage without accessibility turned on? This is a huge loophole in the program, which pretty much renders it useless on androids. The annoying banner goes away on its own eventually and then the phone is left completely unmonitored.

    If CE hasn’t gotten around this yet, do you know of another accountability program that doesn’t depend on accessibility? I’ll still keep CE for my home computer, but we need monitoring on our cellphones as well. Thanks.

    • Hi, Josh – we’re testing new ideas right now because you’re right – currently, our Android coverage isn’t meeting expectations. Most organizations that provide Accountability on Android devices depend on Accessibility to do so. A simple Google search will point you toward a few. We’re continuing our work and will let everyone know when we’re ready to launch a better way.


    • Hi, Peter – we’re testing new ideas right now, because we are very aware of the issues on Android right now.

  3. This a fatal flaw for Android CE, should people switch to iPhone or are there coverage issues with CE in Apple as well,? Very disappointed finding this problem

    • Hi, Tim – we are very close to releasing a potential fix to this issue. Please check back with us next week!

    • Hello, yes, we have detached ourselves from Accessibility. Thank you for being a beta tester!

  4. How do we get the beta tester? I just started using Android 8.0.0 on a Moto G6 Plus and I get the Accessibility screen coming up every time I unlock the screen. It’s a pain in the neck. The Android forum I use says that it is probably because of CE. I would love to try the beta version.

  5. My children have to use Chromebooks provided by the school. They contain the textbooks, so there is not opt out.
    If install CE in the devices, can they still access Google docs and will it work with their school wi-fi filters?

    • Hi, unfortunately, we don’t work on Chromebooks. But, we recommend spending some time on this site, which can provide some alternatives to CE (this is also my site that I run when I’m not at CE).

      Protect Young Eyes

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