The Porn Circuit

Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

Science shows us why porn is highly addictive. Learn how our neurochemistry is easily hijacked by porn to create compulsive behaviors, and discover how the brain can be rewired to escape porn's allure.

5 thoughts on “My Worst Mommy Moment and How It Totally Changed My Parenting

  1. It’s surprising that a Catholic would ask themselves if porn is a rite of passage… Objecting women could not be any more unchristian. I truly can not describe my shock in how the oldest religion does not better educated their perisioners. This is sad.

    More than half of the American male population admits to using porn regularly. That’s right, 64% admit it but many more most likely struggle. So chances are your husband may have struggled or does struggle with porn. It’s a wide spread epidemic, the effect of internet porn on the human brain is just as potent, if not more so, than addictive chemical substances such as cocaine or heroin!

    We all must be far more aware. Talk to our spouses about their experience with lust and/or porn so that as parents we can be a far more effective team in helping our kids navigate through this spiritual war.

  2. Hello Lori,

    I just want to congratulate you on your positive and proactive attitude to this problem you encountered in your life. I don’t think we should overreact, regardless of the wrong action anyone commits. We commit mistakes throughout our lives. We are not perfect, in fact we are really nothing. God is the All-Merciful and forgives out of His Generosity. He overlooks and not only forgives us but turns our sins into good deeds and elevates us even though we intentionally fell down. Even if a person commits a “smaller” sin, like maybe lying to someone about something, it’s worse if they don’t think they’ve done anything wrong. I feel really happy for you and your son in this instance. A person might keep committing wrongs and mistakes throughout their life, it’s good that, with your help, he got up and even if he falls again and again throughout his life, the good in him keeping on getting up is worth him getting up every time. I don’t know if that makes sense to you. Stay calm, peaceful and hopeful throughout your life. Much love to you and your son. May God guide you.

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