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Sex trafficking is a matter of supply, distribution, and demand. Experts are now seeing more and more that pornography fuels the demand by promoting the belief that women are sexual commodities. This e-book will give you the information and actions necessary to make a difference.

4 thoughts on “#MeToo and the Deep Cultural Concerns It Highlights

  1. Great article! I really love that you pointed out the fact that abuse and degradation are at the core of the “struggle and battle” men talk about. I think this is one of those ugly truths that men need to come to terms with if they truly want to claim freedom. It doesn’t seem so innocent when you realize you are using another person in the same way a rapist does even if it is only in your mind. It makes you realize just how serious the issue is.

    And just to be clear, I don’t believe temptation falls into the category of the “struggle and battle” that you are talking about. I know you didn’t say that it was, I’m just pointing out the difference between the two. Temptation is coming face to face with sin but it is the point at which you make a decision. It may not be easy to do the right thing sometimes, but as long as you do what is right you haven’t sinned. I think it is important for men and women to draw a distinct line between what temptation is and what giving in (and calling it “struggling”) is.

    I also really appreciate the fact that, while you did place more emphasis on men’s role in objectify women, you put the responsibility for it on the shoulders of both men AND women. I think the world needs to be more aware of just how much women are contributing to the objectification of themselves and other women. And just as a quick example, I was on a news site the other day and one of the advertised news story was about a group of women who were posing in bikinis made of meat in order to protest the harassment of women. Seriously… I can’t even express how stupid and ridiculous this is! You cannot fight objectification while simultaneously objectifying yourself. These women are aware of the attention they will get from men for doing this and that is their real goal. Not helping women.

    • Thank you Samantha!

      That is very sad (and strange!) about the women posing in meat bikinis. Our culture is so lost! I’m sad how many people it drags down with it and I pray for a revival in the Church where we stop encouraging and supporting these sinful parts of our culture. We “feed the beast” and it just keeps getting worse and worse, for individuals and for society as a whole.

  2. I recently downloaded THE PORN CIRCUIT. I am 63, happily married but have a porn addiction. My wife loves me and knows my battle of shame. She wants victory for me too. I want you to know that I will strongly attempt 90 days of no porn. Please pray for me in this endeavor. I know I am not alone. I am so glad I found your website. Thanks Sincerely,

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