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Research shows that pornography use is prevalent among all age groups, gravely harmful to relationships, and erodes real community within your church or organization. Do you have a plan to help your people live porn-free?

6 thoughts on “Pastors, Wives in Your Church Want You to Talk About This

  1. Here’s another scenario that probably happens very often: A wife who is exhausted, tired, and beat down emotionally from her husband’s porn use, lies, manipulation, denial, and gas-lighting finally gets to the breaking point and reaches out for help. Only to be scrutinized and blamed for not having more sex or not doing this or that to meet her husbands needs so that he wouldn’t need to look at porn (rolls eyes). It’s the idea that if he was getting steaks at home he wouldn’t be going out for hot-dogs. When this happens, it makes a bad situation just more terrible and creates more wounds her to recover from. Ask me how I know – unfortunately this is what happened to my wife when she asked for help. Unfortunately, I was a blind coward who allowed this to happen because it allowed me to hide. Fortunately, we later got the help we needed.

    • Yes that is exactly what happens. The wife is blamed. I was blamed. The truth is porn robs a man of his natural attraction to his wife. Porn is a one way relationship of taking. When and if help is offered to the couple it is focused on solving the porn problem and little support is given to helping the victim spouse recover emotionally. I LOVE Christ’s church and although I was left behind in this senerio, I recognize the problem is not the heart of the church but rather their lack of understanding of the need.

    • I have been struggling with porn for a long long time. My wife doesn’t know about my porn use. I am a leader in my church and the people in my church look up to me. I have been praying for the boldness to talk to my pastor about it. I once was on drugs, the porn does me excaly like the drugs did me. I haven’t did drugs in over 30 years. I know in order for me to get some help is to confess my sins. I am embarrassed about the whole situation. Please keep me in your prayers. Thanks a million.

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