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Sex trafficking is a matter of supply, distribution, and demand. Experts are now seeing more and more that pornography fuels the demand by promoting the belief that women are sexual commodities. This e-book will give you the information and actions necessary to make a difference.

4 thoughts on “12 Ways You Can Turn the Tide of a Pornified Culture

  1. These are all good suggestions, thank you. I have mostly kicked the habit but have an occasional lapse every 6 months or so. Even reading an article about someone in the industry can be a trigger so I try to avoid that as well. It is definitely up to the ‘consumers’ to say no and avoid the stuff, but it’s prolific and swift availability on the internet and now on phones definitely makes it more challenging. When I was 12 years old I ordered a DVD, but kept it for a while and then got rid of it. About 4 years later the internet became widespread, and I of course started watching X rated material a lot more. Now I am in disbelief to read that a former pornographic performer (the term ‘star’ or ‘actor/actress/ is completely inaccurate and misleading I believe) is now a so called Bollywood star! What has gone wrong with this historically conservative country to make someone with this sort of past a national icon? It really makes me think twice of even visiting the country, which I planned to. And if you google this actress, there is so little criticism of this individual acting in Bollywood to be found in any news articles, whereas I know there surely would be a lot millions out there totally opposed to her. This is either censorship at the google search level or the mainstream media level or both. To me pornography is a lot worse than prostitution because at least prostitution is committed in private rather than being filmed. I feel like the prolific spread and normalization of pornography throughout most of the world is not only the result of the industry itself, but evil groups of individuals that seek to weaken people’s minds and sense of morality to benefit their own power and control. I have no real proof for the latter but it does make sense based on the content and motivations of many other media campaigns and government propaganda. The pornography industry does make a few billion but this is fractional compared to other industry and even other single companies. I therefore doubt that its current ubiquity was purely the result of this industry by themselves. But despite all this evil, we do our best. It is a struggle at times and a lapse is always quite upsetting, but the resolve is always rebuilt. I am sure that one day I will be able to completely abstain from this garbage permanently for decades on end. But the other problem is that even when abstaining from it, I still often think about it. Images can pop up from clips watched 25 years ago – everything watched seems to leave an impression on the mind. Hopefully I can purify my mind, as well as my actions, one day with God’s grace.

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