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Dan Armstrong is the Corporate Communications Specialist at Covenant Eyes. Prior to joining the team, he led the marketing department of a public policy think tank and also anchored and reported television news for NBC stations in Michigan. Dan and his wife have four children.

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Stop the Demand

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6 thoughts on “2017’s Dirty Dozen List Revealed

  1. Hi Guys,
    I’m a subscriber to CE, and struggle with walking in sexual integrity. I appreciate you sending out articles and blog posts to encourage us. I usually gain some insight from them.

    Let me now ask you to be more circumspect when explaining why someone is on the list. Case in point is Amazon. You call them out (and rightly so) because of the free accessibility of erotica on the Kindle. By phrasing it as you did it allows me – and others who struggle in this area – to know where and how to access this. Perhaps a better way to convey the same info could have been found that didn’t expressly share how I could access the inappropriate material.

    • Hello, Ron – I appreciate your input, and agree with you. I have prayed for your strength today as you continue to walk a life of integrity, day-by-day.

      Peace, Chris

  2. I actually tried to report a video and had to sign in to do this….I did not have an account so I made one just to report videos. I did not have to look far to do this and reported dozens of videos and told You Tube that there appeared to be scores of fetish videos. To keep me from viewing so much smut I just listed on one report words they could investigate that brought up explicit material. Out of the many I hade reported, I believe one site was eliminated, but many of the hardcore ones stayed on. You Tube is such a disappointment. I even saw some areas that seemed to give a hint of child pornography. I never opened any of the videos, but they were peppered in with the hardcore videos (?) Again, I attempted to report the page by taking a screenshot and sending it to them….nothing appeared to ever happen. other accounts had pictures (for the account picture) depicting hardcore sex acts, I reported them and nothing ever happened…..? I guess there is some “educational clause” on some of the videos on You Tube. Yeah, you have to sign in on many of these showing you are of age but these videos still break the so called rules it has established. It appears a play on words are used also….instead of “porn” many will have “pron”. Yep, I reported these accounts, and the accounts stayed and I closed my account and blocked it from being accessed. One account I reported bragged about having been taken down and boasted that they were back up and running. How much more in your face does that have to be. Their views were unbelievable and the site stayed up even after I attempted several times. Another hardcore video had a Charlie Brown video playing behind it. The hardcore video was on a smaller screen at the lower end of Charlie Brown video…..you were watching 2 videos at once?!

    My recommendation is that folks block this mind field and not allow anyone in their house to access it.

    I really appreciate you guys having the dirty dozen list. You Tube has really went down the tube!!

  3. Thanks for the list (entire dirty dozen list), I jotted several of those that had not been previously blocked and added them to my already long list.

    I guess my previous blog about You Tube may have been a bit too detailed to allow on the site, but just wanted parents to be aware that You Tube is “not” safe one bit. There is sexually explicit material all over the place. It began to be such a problem for me I just blocked it totally, even after attempting to report numerous videos. There seems to be way too many loop-holes for people to jump through and thus in your face porn is allowed (?).

    Anyhow, the dirty dozen list has got to be one of the best things I have seen on Covenant Eyes yet…..keep it up!! My family uses the internet for research mostly and even that is seldom. We get what we need and shut it down. many of these sites you listed I have never even heard of, but thanks to you the homework has been done by you and that’s all the info I need. I really like the fact of when a site is blocked the pop-ups are even blocked.

    I am 71 days clean and am looking forward to the one year marker, thanks again guys!!!

  4. In my opinion Google needs to make the list. My life has been ruined by internet porn. Ruined to the point of never ever being the same again.
    Can you imagine my surprise today when after downloading and PAYING for the Covenant eye service I picked up my husbands phone…opened his email and found one of Googles ads for Naughty dating. So I clicked. Wala!!! It opened!!!! It’s Sunday and I can’t get ahold of anyone at the service so I will tomorrow. So can the filter be bypassed by simply clicking a Google ad?! This experience has ruined me financially yet I pay for this service. What do I have to do?! Now I will go in to his Google account and see if these advertised smut sites can be bypassed just by using Google. I’m so pissed!!!!

    • Hello, Kelley – I’m hopeful that by now you’ve been in contact with someone in Customer Service (877-479-1119), since I’m not sure of the device or the type of CE service you’re using (filtering, etc.). Our team is excellent and should be able to help!

      Peace, Chris

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