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Chris is the Covenant Eyes Educational Resource Manager. Chris has a BA in Accountancy and Spanish from Western Michigan University. After 12 years in business advising with Ernst & Young, God led Chris to a full-time student ministry role. He started protectyoungeyes.com in 2015  as a ministry to equip and educate parents and teens on the latest gadgets, apps, and how to use the Internet well, which led him to Covenant Eyes. God works in unexpected ways!

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7 thoughts on “Are You #GratefulForGadgets?

  1. Hello Chris

    With help from CE I am doing well with my gadgets!! Thank you all so much!!

    But there is one area, relating to my gadgets where I am still struggling!!!!

    This is buying films.

    In my case, I do not perchase films over the Internet, nor do we have a television. All this is to avoid bumping into inappropriate material. And to some extent this is working for me. The only films I watch are films of my choosing, and they are on DVD and so I have to go to the store to buy them and there is a certain amount of time spent on choosing these films and so I have lots of time to consider the appropriateness of them and for me I do think this is the best way

    BUT, and this is the big BUT!!!

    To know what is in the films, I have to read up on them. Usually I use IMBd, kids-in-mind etc, and again so very appreciative of these sites. But sadly, when reading the parental gudielines, too often I am bumping into sexually descriptive information, that is not good, and is serving as a trigger for me!!!!

    What I am wondering is this………….

    Do you think there is any possibility at all that CE could develop a webpage that includes a list of good wholesome films where there is no possibility of having to read details of sexual dialogue. Where the films are simply listed because no, or very little sexual details are present in the film?

    CBN (The Christian Broadcasting Channel) has kind of done this, and their list is helpful. But where I struggle with this is the films are not catagorised in genre, and frankly most of the films on there I have not heard of, and I have no idea if they are action, sci-fi, period dramas or whatever, and I end up back on IMBd trying to figure this out and so often end up reading other stuff there, that is often not helpful

    I do know this is a lot to ask. But if CE could somehow put a list of films together where we the site users can simply trust there is no (or very little) sexual content, and from here somebody was kind enough to explain the plots, levels of violence, and genre etc. Honestly, for somebody like me, this would be such a help. A massive help, I mean!!!

    I really do not think I will be the only person having these kinds of struggles

    Honestly, I am trying like crazy to keep myself away from material that can trigger me. The buying DVDs, does really seem like the safest way. And it is really working for me. The only problem I currently have is this looking up the content of films. Any help at all you guys could provide regarding this, it would be so very much appreciated

    Thanks in advance


    • Hi, Joanne – thank you for your honesty. Films is not an area where we plan to provide much help at CE, but there are other sites that do an amazing job of providing honest reviews, like Common Sense Media. Have you ever looked at their content?


  2. Hello Chris

    Thank you so much for recommending Common Sense Media. This is a new site for me, not one I alread new about. I have taken a look at it and yes indeed I can see how this site might be more helpful.

    Today, I have asked a friend if they will start checking out films for me. And they have said yes. I am thinking this might be a safer way for me for now

    Checking out films has become somewhat of an obsession for me. And this bad habit is something else I need to stop overdoing. It is all tied in with the other emotional difficulties I have around this subject.

    Earlier, when I wrote the last post I said no sexual content or little. I do hope folk dont think I am approving a ‘little’. I do know that us folk that have this problem need to aim for zero!!!! I was meaning films where the sexuality is not pornographic, ie as in Shindlers List. I am explaining this because I think rather than little I should have explained myself a little better. I do know zero, is what I need to be looking for and that is what I do. But some folk do get a bit frustrated with this insistance. I just wanted to clarify, that I am not suggesting just a little pornography is fine. I do know it is not, and never is!!!!

    Thanks for all you do Chris


    • Hello Everybody

      I have just realised that in the post above I have said sexuality, where I ment sexual content. So sorry! I am so nervous. I have never posted on the Internet before regarding any of all this. I guess I am over worrying that I might make mistakes and so am doing so. I do hope the post made sense anyway?????


  3. Chris,
    Thanks for taking the time to develop such a productive product and thank you working to continually improve the capabilities. I had a question regarding an email that I received a couple months back. Basically, it was advertising that the CE app was not only going to be able to monitor and filter through the app, but that the app was now going to be capable of monitoring the entire phone system. This led me to believe if you were surfing twitter, if you crossed into some unseemly subject matter, this would make it into the report. Is this the future of Covenant Eyes? And also, I think I read this would be out by 2016 year’s end. Is that correct? Thanks for any insight you may have.

    • Hello, Adam – yes, we are working hard on a solution for Apple mobile devices that will allow our accountability service to reach further into the device. Much further. It’s in a second round of Beta testing right now and we’re close to releasing. Taking the scenario you described in your post – if you are using the Twitter App (or any app), remember that the way the phone communicates with the web is through an API and therefore it’s a lot of secured communication. No one can see it. What we CAN see is the initial call that the app makes, i.e., http://www.twitter.com. This could show up on an accountability report, but not the activity after that. We hope to continue working on this technology because we know that it’s all about the apps. I hope that answers your question.

      Peace, Chris

  4. Chris, thanks for the news and insight. That’s exactly what I was curious about. I appreciate the work you all do day in and day out. It is indeed all about the apps. Glad you guys are looking into it. It’s a huge process and I’m thankful for all you’ve completed so far.


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