Covenant Eyes and the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

UPDATE: As of September 8, 2016, a fix for this issue is available. Download it in My Account.

On August 2, Microsoft released an “Anniversary Update” to Windows 10. It boasts not just security updates, but also a lot of new features, like better Cortana integration, cross-platform gaming innovations for Xbox One users, and lots more.

This update also features a whole host of bugs. Forbes, for example, reports that some users can’t boot their machines after installing this update. At least two antivirus companies also report issues. And, unfortunately, Covenant Eyes was among the many programs affected by this update.

How Covenant Eyes is Impacted, and What We’re Doing About It

Covenant Eyes users who have installed the Windows 10 Anniversary Update have reported a couple of issues. Some have mentioned getting a security warning when going to HTTPS sites (like, say, Facebook). Others have been unable to install Covenant Eyes at all.

We’ve already tracked down the issue, but the fix needs to go through some Windows protocols before we can release our update. Because we’re not the only ones with this same issue, we have no way of knowing where we are in Microsoft’s queue. We may be able to release our fix later today, or it may take a week. Unfortunately, at this point it’s out of our hands.

What You Can Do

So if you use a Windows computer, what can you do about this issue?

  • If you haven’t already installed the Anniversary Update, don’t! You’ll save yourself a lot of grief, both with Covenant Eyes and with other programs. Keep an eye on tech blogs, and wait for Microsoft to release a more stable version.
  • If you already installed the Anniversary Update, you have a brief period to roll back to your previous version of Windows 10. Learn more here.

If you have any questions or need help, call us toll-free in the U.S. at 877.479.1119 (internationally at 1.989.720.8000). And keep an eye out for an update to Covenant Eyes for Windows, coming soon.