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Parenting in Today's Digital World is Hard

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6 thoughts on “Pokémon Go and the Evolution of Pornography

  1. Though certainly not identical, there are some definite parallels between console/PC gaming and pornography:

    * They both provide a temporary escape/relief from the pain and failure (perceived or real) of real life.

    * They can be addicting both through drawing you into their world (detailed open world games such as GTA Online) and using up many hours of real-world time.

    * Porn can exist _within_ the confines of gaming–most often easily avoided when you know where it is, and thankfully–so far–some game manufacturers are careful to limit how much exists in-game.

    I personally have gravitated to gaming not only because I grew up with it, but (ironically) as an added means of avoiding pornography. But it admittedly requires diligence to keep an eye on the whys and the whats, and the time it absorbs.

    FWIW, there’s a fairly good article that talks about some of this, entitled “Playing Games for all the Wrong Reasons”–from a gamer’s own perspective:


  2. With the rise and progression of technology, i’ve always suspected that one day they will make droids to replace real men and real women for real sex. They already make “sex dolls” and some of them look pretty real. And in the near future I think these dolls will be able to perform whatever sexual act a person wants. Ofcourse these dolls won’t have any need of their own so they will always b ready to serve. And since they’ll b robots, they’ll never get tired. They’ll always be in the mood, they’ll never say no to sex. Some of the sex dolls that are out there today are very pretty. Much prettier than the average woman. And with the popularity of pornography, many men are more concerned with finding a woman who is “porn worthy” (meaning physically attractive and youthful, since porn erotizies youth) over a woman of virtue. I believe at some point men will begin to prefer these robot dolls for sex over a real flesh and blood woman. Heck! There’s already men who prefer the virtual world of pornography over real sex w their wife. If that’s already happening, why wouldn’t men prefer a doll who has sex, whenever, however and wherever they please? I think they’ll even begin to have an unhealthy bond to the doll. The sad thing is that the doll, even if it talks and seems realistic, will only be a figment of what their own imagination desires. It won’t b a real person w a real soul and real emotions. But nonetheless, the dolls will probably replace real women. Especially bc kids r becoming hooked on porn at a younger and younger age and eventually develop a sense of entitlement that says..”I deserve sex however and whenever I want!” If this is the case, then it’s easy to see how they’d begin to prefer a doll who gives sex however and whenever they want, over a real person. Anyway, that’s just a thought. Our culture is so preoccupied with sex that we miss the whole point of sex which is supposed to be an intimate oneness. A sacred union. An act of worship between husband and wife. They don’t teach that in sex ed…and porn warps this truth. I agree w the writer of this article. Technology probably is more detrimental to us.

    • Unfortunately, I think you’re right, Lydia. Many things that were science fiction are now happening in real life, and it’s not slowing down…scenarios like “Westworld” could quite easily happen in the near future.

    • I remember seeing an article about how our world is becoming a virtual reality over actual reality, where everything we do is becoming more and more fake. Families used to sit around and play music, now we sit around and listen to music. People used to play sports now we sit around and watch sports. Instead of experiencing life to its fullest, we are watching others experience it and only creating the feeling of experiencing it- which cannot fully recreate the actual experience only the feeling.

      I see this happening all around us. Pornography is one example. Sex in its proper boundaries, which is within marriage, doesn’t happen as much anymore. When men and women, even married couples, can create a cheap imitation that is easy and requires nothing of themselves, why bother with the real thing? Our virtual world is taking so much space up in our lives we don’t actually have to live life, we can just have a virtual life.

      By the way, that article was written in the early 1990’s.

    • All this added to the fact that ‘real’ women are becoming increasingly self centered and fake – they go out to attract attention to their looks and sexiness instead of nurturing their characters – so they become no better than the dolls

    • Did you ever see the movie Lars and the Real Girl?

      It’s about a guy who falls in love with a realistic sex doll. The other people who live in the town play along with his belief that the doll is actually a person, partially because they feel bad for him and partially because they’re worried about his mental health (which obviously isn’t great).

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