11 thoughts on “Raising Kids in a Sexualized Culture: Interview with the Duggars

  1. i am so happy that there are people who are against pornography. i hope that everyone of your group is against sexual acts done outside of marriage as i am. and that you are against all prostitution of course. i want to share with you that GOD Said that HE does not have a son, and that HE, GOD, Hears all of us if we speak, and we are not in need of any other one to convey our talk and prayers to GOD. GOD Loves for us to believe this about HIM.

  2. I have no idea how to feel about the Duggars. Sometimes I think they are crazy and other times I don’t. I just dont think what they do is realistic and eventually their kids will rebel big time. But at the end of the day, they have never harmed me, so if it works for them, then that is fine.

  3. It saddens me to see how many “Christian” people who, in all good conscience and intent, see the Duggars as somehow beyond the pale simply because they too “be fruitful and multiply” to such an extreme, or that they allegedly have such a “harsh” attitude protecting their children from the Enemy.

    We tried raising our two daughters like everyone else, but by the time they were in middle school we realized that a few hours in church on Sundays and Wednesdays was not nearly enough spiritual education to compete with what the Enemy teaches every day in public schools, on television and in movies and books. We homeschooled for a couple of years and the improvement in behavior was astonishing. The extra time spent with their mother made a BIG BIG difference. The biggest mistake we made was putting them back in public school when we felt we weren’t up to the task of higher math and physics/science instruction. They managed to resist most of the world’s messages, but despite both being married and seeming to be very happy I wonder if we could not have done much better. At least, I KNOW I could have done much better.

    If the choice is between the Duggar “method” or the world’s method, I will take the Duggar’s way 364.9999999 days of the year.

    • I’m glad in both of these podcasts the Duggars have been open about their own mistakes as individuals, so I don’t think the Duggars see themselves as “beyond the pale.”

      I also am homeschooling my boys, and I am glad we are. I know individuals who have a real vision for how to educate and train their children in a public school setting, and I think that is wonderful, but I doubt I could do it very well. I’m glad for the choice we have made.

    • Really? You would take the Duggars’ way? They covered up a pedophile in their own home, allowed him to keep molesting his sisters, including one who was only 5, and put his “needs” ahead of the safety of 4 of their daughters and a babysitter. Their internet restrictions and suffocating ways of “raising” a child really worked, as proved by Josh’s porn use and cheating on his wife. Their adult children have zero skills in which to survive in the adult world, especially their daughters. Yet, you’ll take their way of raising children?

    • Hi Carrie, yes, I think the recent revelations about the Duggar family should cause all of us to take a step back and think again. Thank you for bringing up these questions. They are certainly valid. Blessings, Kay

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