Coming Clean

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It’s easy for accountability relationships to fail. Learn how to get it right. Take your Accountability partnership to the next level. Read Coming Clean and introduce it to your Accountability Partner.

3 thoughts on “Accountability in the Bible: Good Preventative Medicine

  1. Accountability? Prayer? Please. Accountability in America is not equal. It is the men who are held accountable as evidence by these blog articles. Never the women. In fact, do me a favor and write an article on female accountability for once. Of course, you won’t do this. Prayer? You can pray all you want but unfortunately, your prayers do not effect the free will of others. There is no justice in this world. Tell that to the 3,000 kids who will die today of starvation. All the prayers in the world do not save them. At the end of the day, I have learned this. If God knows everything about you, he knows what you need right? Then I have to pray to get his help? Why? He already knows. Show me an addict and I will show you a person who prayed and no help came. Show me a person who committed suicide and I will show you a person who has prayed an no help came. In churches there is always an out for explaining why prayers are not answered. I call it the cop-out. Let’s face facts. Prayer does not do much. The evidence is all around you. The sad part is I believe in Christ, but the reality is that no one does what Christ asks. Especially —- the churches and Christians. Heck, Christians used the bible to justify slavery in the South. They use it now to justify the massive amounts of incarceration in the America. You do know we lead the world in locking people in cages don’t you? So stop with the hypocrisy of all this. Just stop it. Christian America has caused so much suffering. Much more than it will admit. We cast stones, judge, never forgive. Talk about accountability in the bible and then ignore how Christians are not held accountable for the things I just listed. We just say pray. Then go about our business. Hate to tell you. Prayer does not work much. Just ask those who commit suicide. Wait you can’t … because no help came for those souls now did it?

  2. J. Alucard’s compassion for people and hunger for righteousness shows through. And I would guess we agree on much. Jesus has not answered my every prayer. My son’s paralysis has not been healed. But I am learning to listen to him. Just today I asked, then I honestly listened. I heard something I didn’t want to hear. I argued, “That wasn’t really Jesus. That was me thinking, not Jesus communicating.” I won’t tell you what I did. Just that I am learning that Jesus wants a relationship with me. I get a small picture of what he wants by thinking about my family situation. I want a relationship with my children and love them and they ask me for stuff, or favors. I do not always give them what they want. In fact, I sometimes give them the opposite of what they ask. I love them. And I am often in a place to know what would be better for them. Sometimes I give them what they want because of their persistence. But I am a flawed father. My love is not pure. Just think. If the bible is true. If Jesus is who He says He is, His love is pure and perfect and best for us and we can know that there’s some master reason why His prayer is answered differently than what we want. That is helpful for me as I help my once athletic, paralyzed son with basic needs.

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