107 thoughts on “Infographic Contest: Win Up to $4,000!

  1. It doesn’t say anything legal about how the entries are to be used by Covenant Eyes after submission and contest, Luke?

  2. Just for clarification, the infographic is supposed to be a graphic illustration (as in visual, not explicit or grotesque) created from & depicting any of the info in the report?

  3. The dimensions seem very tall and slim, is this correct? 700 pixels wide? Is it designed for a web ad on the side of the screen or something?

  4. I present on the topic of pornography on a regular basis and have a great graphic that was created for my talk. Is this something that can be shared with Covenant Eyes, or will I loose my right to keep that graphic?

    • As we say above: “Infographic creators retain the copyright to their work, but Covenant Eyes reserves the right to use any and all infographics submitted for promotional purposes.” You will not lose your rights to keep or use the graphic.

  5. There are free websites that help you create an infographic without the use of photoshop or illustrator. like web software that does not require you to know how to use vectors, pen tool, etc. can we use those or does it have to strictly be made from scratch in a program like photoshop? either way, I will still try.. thanks :)

    • Yes, that is fine.

      Remember that the best infographics don’t just report information on an image. They use imagery to present information. Be creative with your submission!

  6. Would it be acceptable to use the CovenantEyes logo? If so, can we use layers, effects, opacity, etc. to blend the logo into our infographic’s design/aesthetic or must it be unaltered?

  7. I have a non-profit I am starting that is geared towards sexual addiction recovery, and we promote Covenant Eyes all the time. As my name can I just list my non-profit like adding my logo next to Covenant Eyes.

  8. Hi Luke! I just recently submitted my info graphic for the Covenant Eyes contest and just wanted to double check and make sure you received it? If, not I can resubmit it! Just let me know and thank you for this great opportunity to make a difference in the world!

  9. Hello, I’m from germany and would like to enter the contest. Because I have no american phone number your protocol won’t let me submit my entry. Can you help me? Thanks.

  10. I recently submitted and wanted to ensure you all received my entry. The correct version is the one that says “w_source info.” Would you all be able to check for me? Or should I simply assume that all has been submitted properly?

  11. Hi, I think I have submitted an entry but there is nothing telling me I was successful. Only read through the posts about not needing to site stats in detail. Should have done more homework and of course I left it to the last minute.

  12. Hi Luke, Can you confirm that you’ve received my infographic? I just submitted it. Also, for the call to action, I slightly altered it from : Protect your family from “pornography” online at covenanteyes.com/family to “Protect your family from “porn” online at covenanteyes.com/family” . Is this okay? Thanks!

  13. Hi,
    I’m from London, so I can’t enter the correct american phone number haha,
    please could you drop me an email so I can send it to you!!

  14. I want to trust everything went well with my upload, but I spent too much time to not ask if my submission uploaded properly…

  15. I created the inforgraphic I submitted in Illustrator and plugged in the 700×3000 pixel measurements. However, if I transferred my units over to inches, it came out as one measurement in Illustrator and one measurement in Photoshop? The JPG says 700×3000 but I wanted to double check I’d sent in the right size. If not, I can totally adjust the dimensions.

  16. Hi! I’ve already uploaded my infographics, please let me know if you got it. Also, since I dont have an american phone num, i placed my office number. i actually prefer to give you my mobile num. :)

  17. I know it is past 2pm, but I just re-uploaded my infographic. I noticed a misspelling while looking at it again. Let me know if there are any questions. Thanks!

  18. Hi! I tried to upload this morning but it said there was an error with the page, I tried several times and it kept giving me an error message, did you receive my entry? If not, can I send to your direct email?

  19. I saw a recent comment about there being text saying the infographic was submitted if it uploaded properly… I didn’t see a message at all, so I just wanted to confirm you received mine. Thanks much!

  20. i just sent in my “rushed” version; wanted to expand on it so much more visually, but ran out of time. let me know if you guys are interested in my expanding on it, or taking it further. honestly, i was just trying to make sure i got it submitted, thoroughly finished or not.

  21. Hey Luke! I just wanted to confirm that you received two jpeg files from me. They were “covenanteyes chalkboardsexting infographic and covenanteyes don’tbeastatistic infographic.


  22. Just double checking my submission went through! I was very excited to give this a shot – Covenant Eyes has made a huge difference in my life, I hope this infographic can spread the word.

  23. Haha, Looking through the comments, I think next time you will be having a big flashing pop up saying “YOUR SUBMISSION HAS BEEN RECEIVED”

  24. Where can you view / vote for the Infographic contest entries? I don’t see any links under the contest rules nor anywhere on the Covenant Eyes homepage?

  25. Hello, like many of the others that commented, I did not receive a message on screen that my submission was received. Can you confirm? I submitted the morning of 9/3. Thank you so much.

    • The confirmation message appeared where the form was, but most people missed it because it was buried on the article. I’ll do better next time to make it stand out.

      Yes, I did get your submission, Erika. I think it looks great!

  26. Hi. I entered the contest and submitted everything before the deadline. However, I never received any email telling me how to vote. Now it seems I won’t really have a fair chance as I’ve lost time on receiving votes and spreading the word. Can you please let me know what to do about this? I’ve tried to search online but cannot find where the infograms and voting is located. Thanks.

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