When Your Child is Looking at Porn

Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

When you find your child or teenager has been looking at porn, how should you talk to him or her about it? Download this step-by-step guide for Christian parents to help you teach your children about harms and false messages of pornography.

2 thoughts on “4 Biblical Principles Parents Should Teach Their Kids About Porn

  1. Thank you for this video. It is important for parents to realize what a strong influence they have over their children’s lives; either for good or for ill. Parents have a great responsibility to teach their children about sexuality, relationships, etc. and the failure to do so results in kids, preteens and adolescents learning about sex from the media, easily accessible porn, and society at large which glorifies sex and knows nothing of a RELATIONSHIP based upon trust, communication, and commitment to only one another.

    “A Christ-centered relationship is a relationship that lasts.”

    I often post articles or blog entries I write on topics like pornography, masturbation, homosexuality, self-injury, growing as a Christian, etc. Check it out:

    Emma Joy

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