When Your Child is Looking at Porn

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When you find your child or teenager has been looking at porn, how should you talk to him or her about it? Download this step-by-step guide for Christian parents to help you teach your children about harms and false messages of pornography.

4 thoughts on “How Honest Should I Be with My Child About My Own Sexual Sin?

  1. Great article.

    What though if your child does not look at porn (we have asked her if she is involved in sex or porn and she says no; seems honest about it but I know there is no guarentee) and I was a porn addict though been in sobriety over 18 years?

    My daughter is now a senior in High school, 18 years old. I am wondering if now is the time to tell her. She may suspect because of the ministry I have been involved in, but the subject has never been discussed regarding my personal involvement with porn in the past.

    Thanks and God bless you

    Thomas Brian Carney
    Fort Worth, Texas

    • Good question. I’ll tell you how I plan to handle this.

      I plan on telling my son about my temptations as I notice the sexual temptations he encounters. There are plenty of titillating things in media, and as he enters adolescence, I plan on using stories of my own sins as a way to talk to my son about the importance of guarding his eyes. He’s only 9 right now, so his need for my stories is not as pressing as it will be when he’s an adolescent.

      The best way to talk about it is in the context of normal life. I wouldn’t bother sitting my child down with the agenda of saying, “Okay, son, time to talk about Daddy’s dirty past.”

      Your daughter has a sex drive, so as relationships and dating boundaries come up, use those as opportunities to share some of your experiences. For a daughter (who doesn’t watch porn herself) I would use your story to talk about the temptations boys face and the importance of not dating a boy who hasn’t come to grips with how to battle those temptations.

  2. This is a wonderfully written article. I found it to be very relevant, and I really like the way you recommended broaching such a sensitive topic, for parents whose child is affected by pornography. I further liked how you emphasized how parents can talk candidly about their past sexual sins, in a Christian-way, that glories how God delivered the parent from their past sexual sins. Be it pornography, impure thoughts, or other sexual sins.

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