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Start protecting your family today from harmful content online. Set up a Family Account with Covenant Eyes to cover all your Internet devices and all the members of your family for only $15.99/month. Learn about our Internet Accountability and Filtering services.

7 thoughts on “Why Moms Love Covenant Eyes

  1. This was a really cool way to round-up our reviews! Thanks for including my quote and link!! Thank you also for the opportunity to review Covenant Eyes!! It is greatly appreciated!

    • My situation is , my man watch’s porn all the time .it like clock work.when we have sex he poses and flicks throw the girls then he gets hard again now I feel discsted and mad there is times I just let him finish and the other times I just tell him to get off of me. What do I do I don’t won’t to loss him I love him to much. But the porn has to go. ( I feel useless ) I feel I don’t do it for him any more . I have tried talking to him and telling him how I feel but , nothing seems to mater . I leave to go somewhere, all I think is ( I bet he is watching that fu—-g porn ) then by the time i’m back I’m so mad .

    • Hi Tamara. Well, I think you’ve got to consider what healthy boundaries are going to look like for you in this situation. Here and here are a couple of articles on boundaries.

      Just recently, The Gottman Institute came out with a letter against porn; they’re not a Christian group, just the best marriage and relationship researchers on earth. You might want to share that with your partner, and ask him to consider what his porn use means to your relationship.

      It’s going to be important to evaluate whether he’s able to be emotionally trustworthy with you. People can change! But we can’t make them. They have to do the work.

      Let us know how we can help you–Kay

  2. Thank you so much for including these reviews! It is great to see what moms are saying. I hope and pray this touches many and through this, more parents and families will realize the importance of using Covenant Eyes.

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