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25 thoughts on “How does the Covenant Eyes iPhone Filter Work?

    • Your Accountability and Filtering settings aren’t handled in the app itself…so if you reset your iPhone or install the app on an iPad, you’ll just need to sign into the browser app, but your Filter settings won’t change. Does that help?

  1. Do you anticipate it being possible in the future to click on a link in an email or text and have it launch the CE browser app?

    • That will depend more on Apple, not us. Until they allow other browsers to be default browsers, we are stuck with what we have.

      We are planning other tools for iOS devices that might provide long-term solutions. We hope to change our overall strategy for iOS, which may solve the problem you are talking about.

  2. I saw under instructions you said, “using your device’s restrictions, lock down Safari, YouTube, and other apps that access the Internet.”

    Can you give me instructions on how to lock Safari?

    Thank you-

  3. The code to lock out safari (that a friend or partner can set so that it can’t be accessed) must be the same code as the unlock for the phone. This would keep the user from even unlocking the phone. Is there an answer to this? Otherwise it’s useless.

    • It depends what sensitivity your filter is set to. We have several age-based settings and Craigslist is currently rated T for Teen. That’s a base level rating, of course. Specific pages can rate much higher depending on the content.

  4. So an app that uses it’s own in-app browser when a link is clicked (like say a TOA link for a Chase mobile app) and pulls up a browser that can be clicked is not tracked even after the restrictions are put on the iphone. Is that what you are saying that the app only monitors itself and actually not all internet activity from the phone.

    • Right now the iOS 7 Restrictions allows you to filter content on the iPhone, regardless of browser, even if it is a built in browser for another app. If you set those Restrictions correctly (in theory) the iPhone should block inappropriate content, even if you click on a link in the Chase mobile app. How well that filter works is another matter altogether, but it is certainly much better than nothing.

      Our app was specifically built not to replace these built-in Restrictions but to work hand-in-hand with them. We give you a monitored browser to use as your primary Internet browser. You use the Restrictions to lock down other apps and filter content that might come through other apps.

    • System wide coverage is something that we are looking into, jailbreak or not. There is still a lot of work to be done before we can move away from Covenant Eyes as a web browser app, but the groundwork has begun.

    • Jessica, thank you for bringing this to our attention! If you can, please call our Customer Service at 877.479.1119 and we’ll be able happy to see if this is something we can fix for you!

  5. Are there any plans to enhance the Covenant Eyes iOS browser app’s bookmarks section? As it stands, I can’t edit/rename bookmarks after I create them. I have to delete and re-add them which is cumbersome. Also, I can’t move bookmarks to other bookmark folders.

    Also, can the number of open pages be increased? As it stands I can only have 8 pages open. This may seem like a lot but I like to keep high frequency pages open for multi-tasking efficiency.

    Such things aren’t the end of the world but it would be nice to have more functionality since it’s the only browser app I have on my phone.

    • Hi Dan, those are all great suggestions and I am happy say they are all addressed in our latest update for our iOS application! You are now able to edit and move your bookmarks to other bookmark folders and you can have more than 8 pages open. The update should be available to download through the app store on our iOS device. If you need any further assistance give our Customer Service a call at 877.479.1119.

  6. We installed the app on both of our iPads and the one iPad won’t install it and the other iPad is still allowing in appropriate content to be viewed on youtube and we have it set for E for Everyone and we tried it on the Youth setting. How do we get the Internet to block unwanted sites? Thanks!!

    • Hey Scott, we apologize for any difficulties you’re experiencing. Our Customer Support team would be more than happy to assist you and are available at 877.479.1119. Feel free to give us a call at your earliest convenience!

    • Hello Matt

      Due to restrictions set in place by Apple, Covenant Eyes is unable to block any applications presently on the phone. However, you can choose to delete both twitter and instagram, and then go into the restrictions on the iPhone to disable the installing apps feature. This will prohibit their ability to install ANY apps, but they can still browse to the twitter or instagram website through the Covenant Eyes browser and be monitored. If you need any assistance accessing the restrictions or have any further questions feel free to call our Customer Support at 877.479.1119

    • Hello Erik,

      Great question! At this time we do not have time restrictions available for the iOS app. Thank you so much for your question.

      Best regards,

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