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17 thoughts on “Get it now! Internet Filter for iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod touch®

  1. Great advance! Would you consider adding the ability to limit the total browser usage time similarly to the StayFocused plugin in Chrome and LeechBlock plugin in Firefox?

    • We’ve discussed adding the time controls that are currently available for our Windows Filter, but don’t have any firm plans yet. But don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten!

  2. we are CE subscribers. Dowloaded the app, set restrictions on safari, and the CE browser doesn’t do anything (on ipad2).

    I signed in with my (secondary) user name/pass when getting the CE app. Could that be the problem? Anyone else having this issue?

    • Hi Larry, good question. We would need to get more information from you to find the source of the problem. When you tap the app, what happens? It might be best for you to talk to someone on our customer support team so they can troubleshoot with you. I’m sorry it isn’t working properly for you.

    • If you are using the Filtering service, pages that are rated high should be blocked as you surf around.

      If you are just using the Accountability service, one way you can tell if it is working is by signing into your online account (click on “My Account” on our homepage); make sure you are set up to receive your own reports (you can set that up here), and then generate a report for your username (you can do that here). On the report you should see some activity if everything is working properly.

  3. I would like to load the app, but I only see the tab to view, and I cannot get the app to load. I have the most recent update for my iphone 4. Normally you just click the app link to install, enter your password, and it will load. The link is just grey and will not load. Any suggestions?

    • Check your Restrictions. Whether they are on or off, if they have ever been activated on your device, you may see that you aren’t allowed to install apps that are rated 17+. Adjust that. The greyed out button appears when your Restrictions aren’t allowing you to get an app rated too high.

  4. My impression is that there is no accountability in place for any other app other than the ce browser itself. Therefore, any app is available to use without accountability or filtering, including the App Store app. Any suggestions on how to make my iPad 4 running iOS 7 more accountable outside of the ce browser/ce account combination?

  5. I have my daughter’s itouch fully locked down with CE browser installed on it. She searched in the CE browser for youtube and watched a kid’s show but then clicked on a link that took her to a vampire show (which ended up being quite pornographic). Do I have my settings set up in my account wrong? This has happened even on our computers where CE will block some youtube stuff but then allow other stuff even though it’s rated HM. Why is this?

    • Hello Rachael,

      I apologize for the difficulties you’ve been experiencing. YouTube is a difficult site to filter for many reasons. The biggest reason being it is an HTTPS site. This means that “S” you see in HTTPS stands for secure. Since you can have an account with a username and password on YouTube, security is needed to keep that information safe. With this security, any filtering software has difficulty seeing through that security to accurately filter. This may be why you’re seeing spotting filtering on both your Windows and iOS device. I would encourage you to contact our Customer Service to verify that you have the latest versions of our software running on your devices because we have attempted to improve the filtering side within YouTube with our latest versions. Our Customer Service number is 877.479.1119.

      Best regards,

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