7 thoughts on “Covenant Eyes Mac Filter is here!

  1. Hi I am not very savvy on computers I want to get software to protect my Family can your program block computers using the Internet through wi-fi connection as well as the main computer?

    • Our software needs to be installed on each machine using the Internet connection. So each device (desktop, laptop, iPhone, iPod, etc.) must have Covenant Eyes installed on it. Then you need to make sure you set the Filter up correctly to block all use of the Internet. I can answer more questions if you have them.

  2. Hi, I am an Accountability User and also the Billing Controller.

    Currently, the only option to assign a Filter Guardian is myself.

    I would like for one of my Accountability Partners to be the Filter Guardian instead of myself, but there is no option to do so.

    Can you add this option please?

    Many thanks

    • We are actually looking into adding this option, yes. Thanks for your feedback. Until then, if you call our customer service folks, they will be able to make this adjustment on your account.

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