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Jessica Harris is the founder of Beggar’s Daughter, a ministry dedicated to walking with women who have an addiction to pornography. Telling her own story of porn addiction and struggle with lust, Jessica seeks to help other women find hope, healing, and grace. Jessica shares resources and insights from her own journey on the Beggar’s Daughter blog and occasionally travels and speaks on the topic of female lust addiction and how churches can minister to women who struggle. She resides just outside of Washington DC where she works as a teacher and serves on the Biblical counseling team in her church. She is the author of Love Done Right: Devos - A Journey From Lust into the Love of God.

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Your Brain on Porn

Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

Watching just 5 hours of porn has been proven to significantly change people's sexual beliefs and attitudes. Find out 5 distinct ways that porn warps your brain, as well as 5 biblical ways to renew your mind and find freedom.

One thought on “5 Lessons Purity Teaches Us

  1. Hi Jessica!

    As an almost 37 year old virgin, I have just begun to realize the real true meaning of the word “purity.” I am now into my second FULL month of NO masturbation! & I am SO PROUD of myself! You said it best, when you said “by the grace of God alone.”

    I used to wonder if virgins actually felt like virgins & wondered what it actually felt like, to “feel like a virgin.” I never “felt” like a virgin, because I was so caught up in masturbation. Now that I am actually pure (free from sexual sin), for the FIRST time ever, I actually feel like a virgin. It feels so awesome! I can now talk the talk & walk the walk, all by the grace of God! NEVER underestimate the power of prayer! I pray all the time, for the Lord to take away these urges & to control my body that He created. He has been doing just that & so much more! How awesome is He!!!!!!!!

    We live in a sex sick world & sex is EVERYWHERE! We Christians, single & not, are supposed to guard our hearts & minds. That’s not an easy thing to do, when my eyes see it everywhere. In the end, it’s MY choice & I am choosing the Lord. I have a brand new much stronger & deeper relationship with Him. I am stronger now, than I have ever been. I am so totally in love with Him & I cry when I speak of Him. I even cry everytime I get on that intimate level with Him. He is my choice!

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