Parenting in Today's Digital World is Hard

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3 thoughts on “Biblical Parenting in the Digital Age

  1. Good post, Carey!
    A lot has changed in so many ways. The decisions we face are different and the battle is in many ways much tougher. Yet the core heart issues remain the same. Showing that heart attitude, like you said, starts with us modeling. What a powerful influence that is.

  2. We use Covenant Eyes on all our computers in our home and it’s great. We are doing everything we can to give our son the foundation and understanding he needs to succeed in his faith. I’ve been reading a great new book by Dr. Tony Evans. One of the goals of the book is to help parents grow in confidence as they discover their worth as a parent based on God’s Word. It’s called “Raising Kingdom Kids: Giving Your Child a Living Faith.” He says, “It’s far easier to SHAPE A CHILD than to REPAIR AN ADULT. Raising kids who recognize and retain their identity as children of the King launches healthy adults who have the capacity to stand strong in their faith.” Equipping and guiding our children starts with us, parents! This is the most solid, thorough, inspirational and affirming parent book I’ve ever read! I love it and HIGHLY recommend it for all parents!

  3. we are indeed the Bible our children read and if we walk our talk they will follow God despite the pull of the world. I grew up in a Bible believing church, home and married into one. Also have been involved in children ministry even as a Sunday school helper until graduation and still working there for decades now . However, the best example of Christianity is people living out the word of God in their daily lives.
    God bless your ministry

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