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Parenting the Internet Generation Ebook Cover

Start protecting your family today from harmful content online. Set up a Family Account with Covenant Eyes to cover all your Internet devices and all the members of your family for only $15.99/month. Learn about our Internet Accountability and Filtering services.

3 thoughts on “Kids and Pornography: Using Internet Accountability to Protect and Teach Your Children

  1. man, i wish my parents had taken an active step in making sure i had no access to porn. im 15 now and i was addicted to porn after my cousin told me about sex when i was 9, and from then, i was CONSUMED. i was mostly in magazines dad had and any book i could find on sex, but i got internet things too eventually and to my shame. i loved porn. i wanted to partake in those things that were depicted, but aages 9-13, i couldnt get a boyfriend to do that, and i became utterly depressed. i tried suicide about 3 times, and many other things had piled up in my life, but thank god, my best friend was there, i spilled my guts to her back in 2009 and told her everything, and that night, she introduced me to Jesus Christ. He gave me freedom, and has made me pure again!!!!!! :) I am so proud to tell my story now, cuz Jesus Christ saved my life before i died in my sins. I love him with all my heart, and He is the ONLY one who can save this world. He’s the only one who can save kids around the world from going through my story or worse, and i just pray i can share my story with them and lead them to the one and only god. Thank you, Covenant Eyes for doing what you do :) GOD BLESS YOU! 1john3:1, Romans 8:1

    • That is a wonderful testimony! God has obviously done a great work in you. And will continue that work, He will keep changing you.

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