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9 thoughts on “My Daughter was Caught By a Predator: A Word of Warning from One Parent to Another

  1. Thank you for posting this. It was eye-opening to the evil that is happening around us. Thank you for being courageous enough to share this from your personal life. It inspires us to be more aware out there.

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. Many years ago I heard Alicia speak in Miami and was completely moved and inspired by her. We have told her story when we educate parents/teachers/counselors during our prevention education workshop. Thank G-d you have Alicia back and that as a family you are trying to help others!! We applaud the work you are doing and if you are ever interested in collaboration please take a look at what we are doing to keep children safe through our nonprofit and email me! children are no match for these predators and we all need to work together to educate. Kudos for sharing your story!!

  3. What a very well written story and a wonderful job by the ICAC, as well as the law enforcement officer’s. This is most definitely an eye opener. Prayer’s going to Alicia and her entire family who will be forever victims of this monster. I hope to pass on this story to as many people as possible. Thank you and God Bless you all.

  4. ICAC Task Force does work very hard to bring those responsible for luring our children from our castle (home). Tthey target those who manufacture, disseminate and possess child pornography. Thank god we these dedicated men & women who protecct our children from abuse.

  5. It is scary what sexual predators can and will do. I was molested by 3 of them. 1 of them for years. He was my father. He was sadistic and an aweful man. That was over 30 years ago. I am part of the coalition to get the laws changed so anyone can prosecute these men and put them in jail so kids like yours don’t get taken. If the laws are fixed the right way so victims like myself can prosecute and put and keep them in jail, the less kids will ever have to deal with this kind of pain. There are at least 21 other kids (now adults) that were molested by the 3 of them. None of them have ever been to jail and can and will molest again. I get tortured everyday in ways that most people cannot even beleive. They use tactics such as subliminal and can change frequencies to come through any communication device such as a TV to still torture thier victims or anyone that wants to go up against them in court. I am not a schizophrenic either. Thati s whayt they tried to call me when I exposed it. I am a technical support enigneer and have figured out how they are doing it. They use terroristic tactics that most people don’t know are out there. They can converse with your kids through the tv. The govt. knows it is happening and they do not want it public. THAT is how they get into houses and into kids heads and take them. I can prove it and only need the backing of people to help in exposing it. The more I try to expose it, the more I get terrorized. I lost my family and most of my friends because of it. I am amazed at how families of pedophiles stand behind thm. Mainly because of thier own reputations. They don’t want anyone to know they have that type fo sick bastard in thier family so they would rather keep it hidden and take the chance of someone else getting raped. I could talk all day about it. I hope it stays exposed and they all rot in jail!

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