4 thoughts on “Cyber Threats Turn to Second-Degree Murder

  1. Everything here is so true. I teach middle school students and just last weekend I was talking to one of my honors students and she was recalling how she and her friends bullied another girl so much that the girl moved all the way across the country to get away. I asked this girl if she felt bad and she said she does now, but didn’t at the time. Also, she didn’t call it “bullying,” but I feel like it was. Our school even has a Bully Free policy but this was something happening more through texting than face-to-face bullying.

    • @Kristin – It’s true. Bullying is so much easier through electronic communication because there’s no accountability. People feel free to say or do what they wouldn’t do face-to-face.

    • @Tam – Rachel is not blaming the Internet for her actions, but is saying how the technology allowed the worst in her to come out. At least that’s how this interview portrays it.

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