4 thoughts on “Spying on your kids online vs. Holding them accountable – Highlights from the Today Show

  1. I have mixed feelings about this one. Having recently graduated from my parents’ “Lab Rat Academy”. I know firsthand that they think spying is the best policy in our house. I know why it is important to be careful online, but I don’t really understand my parents’ reasoning. That should be a parent’s #1 goal: to help the kid understand the why behind the protection.

    Also, allow your children some sort of freedom. My parents were prying into everything, including my e-mail. They wouldn’t let me post on forums in online communities I could relate with (i.e. Goodreads). This especially was a struggle, because not many people really share my hobbies.

    So, in a nutshell, while keeping children safe is good, they will be less likely to defy you if you are willing to allow them some commodities,

    • @Mark – I think that was the exact point they were making on the Today Show. Of course we allow children to benefit from the Internet. Of course we should allow them to make it a part of their social life and their learning experiences. But building a culture of accountability in the home is paramount.

  2. luke – you can’t have accountability if you are over the shoulder constantly watching, supervising, and waiting for them to make a mistake. this type of software damages relationships, permanently

    • @Daniel – Not sure exactly what you mean. I agree you shouldn’t be constantly looking over someone’s shoulder, and I certainly agree that we shouldn’t be “mistake” focused when it come to Internet responsibility, but those are more attitude related issues. Many kinds of parental software solutions, used with that kind of attitude, could be a problem. But accountability software used with the right attitude actually strengthens relationships…at least that’s what the many testimonies we receive indicate. Help me understand a little better what you are getting at?

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