3 thoughts on “How the Internet Challenges Traditional Parent-Child Roles

  1. Thanks Luke. Parents need to be parents, especially online, where children have access to anything and everything. I appreciate all that Covenant Eyes is doing to educate parents.

  2. Great topic Luke. I agree. We don’t want to enable the social retardation of our children (especially in their employment future) with overly protective restriction or dogmatism. The answer lies in crying out to the Lord for discernment and His wisdom. One thing I have personally and recently noticed is falling into the snare of dehumanizing people via digital interaction, simply because they just become a face with a profile and cease to be God’s children with a soul and feelings.
    We were created for intimacy and interaction. We must find a way to help our children balance the digital and virtual realm with healthy relationship interaction based on senses/reality.

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