8 thoughts on “Internet Precautions: Tips for helping you and your kids make good choices online

  1. What do you do with smartphones? Internet-enabled devices are now pocket sized. A real issue for teens and pre-teens. Would you consider banning phones from your kids’ bedrooms when they’re older?

    • @Nick – It is an age-sensitive issue and a matter of trust. Just as I wouldn’t want a computer in my kid’s bedroom, I wouldn’t want him to have a smartphone with full Internet access in his bedroom either. That being said, our accountability service for the iPhone can be a great help to parents who want to monitor where their kids go, what they see, and what they do. As with most things in parenting, it takes wisdom to know how to balance boundaries and freedom.

  2. I’m with you on that. We have a rule that no one in our family has electronic stuff upstairs. I raised the point mainly because I’m concerned that we can “forget” about smartphones when we’re thinking about online safety.
    I’d like to hear more about accountability for iPhones, Android phones etc. Any pointers?

    • @Nick – Right now we don’t have anything for the Android (that is forthcoming), but our app for the iPhone is being used by many people. It doesn’t block anything. It is a browser (that replaces Safari) and monitors all of your Internet use and summarizes everything into an easy-tor-read report. Every Web address is “rated” for inappropriate content (using age-based ratings). The report is e-mailed to whomever you want every three days, every week, or every other week (depending on what you want). This keep a person honest about where they go and what they see online, curbing Internet temptations and opening up good discussions about how the Internet is being used.

  3. Hello everyone. I’m proud to announce the Covenant Eyes app for Android is no longer in beta and can be found on Google Play. Thanks to all our beta-testers for helping us make this app!

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