11 thoughts on “"Branded" – Fighting Child Prostitution in America

    • I know! It is shocking. But then again, when you consider how porn can create a thirst for the products of sexual exploitation, and when you consider how much porn is used in the US, it isn’t all that shocking from a supply-and-demand side of things.

  1. Again, I would like to purchase a copy of Branded. Rooftop studios does not load. If these people wanted to gather support this is not the way to do it. Now, haw do I buy a copy of this DVD?

  2. Luke, you might want to update this page. It looks like this very good DVD has dropped off the face of the earth. Can’t find it anywhere. So much for the goal of the DVD. Can you find a copy of this DVD?

  3. Evidently, RoofTopStudios does not work on a iPad. I’ll go to the library. I was told that the website still exist.

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