Your Brain on Porn

Your Brain on Porn Ebook Cover

Watching just 5 hours of porn has been proven to significantly change people's sexual beliefs and attitudes. Find out 5 distinct ways that porn warps your brain, as well as 5 biblical ways to renew your mind and find freedom.

14 thoughts on “Siren Song: Overcoming Pornography Temptations

  1. Thanks so much, Luke. There are reasons Jesus taught in parables akin to fairy tales. I feel that I, too, am battling temptations much more like Odysseus than Orpheus.

    The common thing that spares both epic heroes is accountability. We must have traveling companions AND we must not hesitate to call on them when we are tempted. And we must take the initiative to be accountable to ourselves. This is the chink in the armor of Odysseus’s method of resistance – he was depending ONLY on his shipmates. Orpheus employed a defense that did not depend on others, but he was the ONLY accountability partner for all of the Argonauts. As believers we have the advantage of God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit within us. We have the additional accountability partner of our renewed minds, transformed by the Holy Spirit, no longer conformed to the ways of the world.

    The Sirens of myth appealed to the ancient travelers’ quest to better themselves, promising knowledge and wisdom in the words to their beautiful songs. Today’s pornography holds out the implicit promise of sexual knowledge and prowess to unsuspecting viewers. The end results of becoming ensnared by either is death – literal loss of life in the mythological world and the loss of God’s intended blessing of true and pure desire as illustrated in The Song of Solomon in the modern world.

    Odysseus and Orpheus both depended on earthly defenses to the temptions of the Sirens’ Songs. In addition to the earthly internet filters, accountability partners and sponsors, we can depend on the transforming power contained in God’s Holy Word as we progress along our journeys of sanctification.

    • @Rob – Too true. Thanks for your thoughts. I also think it is important to remember that God’s Word, God’s Spirit, and God’s people are not isolated means of grace. These work in concert. God’s people speaking, teaching, and sharing God’s Word. God’s Spirit sealing His word in our hearts. God’s Word communicating the Spirit’s thoughts. God’s Spirit filling God’s people. All three together are the biblical pattern of growth and change.

  2. This is what I like about Covenant Eyes. While you provide a great tool to be used like the ropes aboard Odysseus’ ship, you know it’s just a tool and true freedom requires that we see greater pleasure in God and Christ than in sin! Thank you!

  3. i thank god for the one that posted this is is so much help to me in my struggle with this may god bless all that read & accept this

  4. Luke, You continue to draw fantastic insights & parallels with temptation in relation to pornography. You are right – Covenant Eyes is a tool, one of the roadblocks we need to set up to keep us from falling prey to the siren song of porn.

    The sirens remind me of Proverbs 5 (a good chapter to read daily for anyone struggling) where the lips of the loose woman drip honey, but in the end she is bitter as wormwood & sharp as a two edged devouring sword!

  5. Hi everyone, I really support covenant eyes and everything they do, as a member it’s changed my life. I think it’s worth mentioning tho that the ‘siren’ in pornography is in fact the massive billion dollar sex industry, where rich and greedy producers exploit women (in the images) and exploit men (by playing on their weaknesses, getting them addicted and tricking them out of money). Sex is a loving act and the ultimate (physical) unity for a couple, this industry has tried to commodify that most special of experiences by making it violent, by debasing women and in so doing debasing men. I really admire everyone here for turning their back on it.

  6. Thank you for your insightful writing, brother! Keep fighting the good fight. There are more out there benefiting from your work than you even realize.

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