19 thoughts on “Pure Life Ministries – Helping men and women turn from sexual sin to God

    • Are you kidding me! Flee! Run from the devil. That place is evil and will steal your soul. A abstain of manipulation, self esteem killing, Assembly of God indoctrination… God WiLL deal with those people!

    • I’m a young man that graduated the Teen challenge program but still struggle with porn and other disgusting sexual sins. I was expose
      To porn at 9 years old and now I’m 43. I had several attempt to go to plm but tapped out due to fear. I would do good for awhile and even use church to medicate the pain my sin caused. I keep getting these prophecies that God is raising me up and wants to use me. I have a child, wife, business, and ministry and a terrible addiction. I fasted before, prayed cand u please offer me your best advice?

    • Hi, Josiah, I’m not sure if anyone has responded, but I think 2 things would constitute my very “best” advice (recognizing that different things work for different people): (1) make a clear, effective decision about sin in your life (read this), and (2) get HONEST with another person, (3) SLAM the door on access to porn. Give someone else codes, restrictions, etc. No matter how inconvenient.

  1. My husband is currently a resident at PLM and has been there for three months now. It has been very hard to be a single mom while he is away, but it is worth it. Every time I talk to my husband, I can sense a growing change in him. He is becoming the man I thought I had married. I am so grateful to PLM and thank God for it everyday. It is hard to keep going some days and I just want to throw the towel in, but when I look at the big picture, there is no place I would rather my husband be right now, getting help for his long time addiction. We tried everything else and being at PLM is the best thing for him.

  2. The best way to describe my life is that I have a cancer within my heart, and the God that I love is performing open heart surgery without anesthesia. It is overwhelming, complicated, hurtful, painful and so very lonely. I am lost! I thought I knew Him, but maybe I am just going to burn in hell????

    • Surgeons don’t perform surgery to harm but to heal. If God is operating on your, its not because you are a lost cause.

      Your story reminds me of C.S. Lewis’ parable in The Great Divorce. You can read it here.

    • God can do this work aside from the hatefulness of PLM. They are not healed, they are not broken. They are humiliated and drained of all the good God gave them.

  3. I would like information on Pure Life Ministry if I could.
    We run several ministries for those caught in the sin of Addiction with Drugs and Alcohol and would like to check on the possibility of recommending and sending those involved in sexual addictions.Thank You. Pastor Gerry

  4. I need know if yours have course in Spanish Language, I living in Colombia , I have 47 years old, I am married and have problems with infidelity if is possible to you help me and search an program to me please contact to me. I have visa to tourism and the maxim time that I can stay in USA is 6 months but I want if you have programs more shorts…Best Regards

  5. Question: If a person is in the throes of porn addiction. Are they in right standing with God? Does being bound by this sin separate one from God? Thank you for your response.

    • God’s love never, ever fails us. NEVER. Nothing separates us from the love of God, as Romans 8 says. Watching porn is hardly likely to be able to separate us from God, if angels and demons can’t do it! In fact, realizing that we are completely loved, safe, and chosen, regardless of our behavior, is the one and ONLY thing that actually gives us the freedom to let go of subsitutes for love, like porn. When we can bring our pain, our anxiety, our failures to love and find that we are safe? That’s where the healing comes. Many of us have been raised in religious systems that use fear and shame of being separated from God and our community as whips to try to keep us in line. We only have to look at the incredible rates of porn use in the church to realize that shame and fear never do a thing to help us. Give love a try instead, and see if that works better for you. Peace, Kay

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