153 thoughts on “Help us test our new accountability software for the iPhone

  1. Hello! Thank you for working on software for the iPhone. As a Covenant Eyes subscriber and an iPhone user I personally feel the vital importance of this development.

    I would like to be considered to help test the new software. Please send me the questionnaire.

  2. I have been looking for this since I bought my iPod touch. Your PC version is great and I would love to help in the development of this version.

  3. I’m grateful that you have been working on this! Your work has been, and will be, a boon to countless people.

    Keep up the good work — if your iPhone/iPod Touch version is anything like what you have written for the Mac, it will be great!

  4. Excellent! I plan to get CE for my iPod Touch as soon as you have it available! I can hardly wait to feel safe and free to use my iPod Touch without fearing the temptations on it.

    I need the Safari Brower and the YouTube app to be monitored.


  5. Wow, that will be great to have, CE on my iphone as well. If it can monitor Safari Browser and any other internet usage browser or applications such as YouTube app, that would be great.

    I would also love to be considered to test the beta version.


  6. Hey,

    Any idea on a date for release of this? Will it work with jailbroken phones on other networks than AT&T? For example, T-Mobile with the Edge network.


  7. This is very good. I am surprised the iPhone OS offers the APIs to make this happen, considering that they want to have control of everything but CE needs to filter all internet usage and run in the background. I am excited to see how it actually works.

    I sold my iPod touch because the temptation was just too great, but I would consider getting another one or an iPhone if this app works well! Thanks for continuing to develop this.

  8. How about the Android Google Phone? Will you guys be creating software for it too? This would be very helpful thanks!

  9. With regards to Android, T-Mobile offers filtering as a free option on the G1.
    As it is an open platform, it would be relatively easy for an open source project to fill the void for accountability if CovenantEyes doesn’t want to do it.

  10. True it would be really easy for a dev to make a filter or accountability program for the g1. The problem is that no one is. Which is why I’m here asking for it. I already use band pay for CE on my pc. So I figured this would be a good. Place to start looking for an android solution.

    Please consider making a g1 CE app. It would be easy. Thanks.

  11. I have considered getting rid of my phone multiple times due to the temptation and lack of accountability. Thank you very much for working on a project that will help many men avoid unnecessary temptation.

  12. Thanks for working on this! My accountability partner and I were just discussing the need for this tonight, as he has an iPhone and I hope to get one after the July 17 release date of the new hardware & software…Your app will encourage me and many others to take the plunge and become full-fledged apple robots with our iPhones without the ever-present temptation.

    Your Mac software has been great, and I know your iPhone app will be too!


  13. I would love accountability for my iPod touch. Now if you could develop CE for the Opera browser for the Nintendo Wii, then I’ll have total accountability for my online actions. Thank you for your service

  14. Apple has an application that you can download for the Ipod that you can use to text to other cell phones. Have you considered the types of things that Apple applications will allow you to do when creating this software?

  15. Please create CE for Android. I am thinking about getting the TMobile G1 and want CE on it.
    I would put up $300 to get the development going.
    Email me.

    Anyone else willing to donate to get this going?

    • Hey Tim. As of now the Android phone is not the highest priority for us because of the other phone/PDA projects on our plate. Thank you for the offer, but the issue is more human resources and time vs. money. We’ve had many people tell us that they base their cell phone purchases partially on whether a good accountability system is in place for it. I suggest if Internet accountability is a high priority to someone, they should make sure an accountability/filtering feature is available for what they buy.

  16. I am interested in the beta version of the iphone software. I use your standard software on my computer and love it. Thank you for all you do!

    • @Heath – If you have a Covenant Eyes account already, this will not cost extra. It would be like you adding CE to another desktop or laptop computer: free of charge.

  17. @luke – How will it work? I used the windows mobile one and it was integrated into the OS. Will this be like the other ones for the iphone where you have to use a special browser?

    • @Heath – Yes, it will be a browser. So far the beta test has been going well with the 100 or so people who are using it. We’ve been able to work out some potential bugs.

  18. @luke – Are you able to build it upon the safari browser or will it be a totally new browser? Will it have the same features as the safari browser? Also since your doing a browser solution can’t people just download another browser from the app store? I wish apple would quit being so protective over their phone and just give you guys access to the OS.

    • @Heath – It is a totally new browser, similar to the Safari browser. Features will include multiple tabs, bookmarking, Google search bar, etc. The system isn’t as fool-proof as other other accountability measures. As it now stands, the Covenant Eyes browser will be monitored (of course) but other browsers or apps are not (such as the YouTube app). The protocol we are suggesting is once we release the app, to ensure total accountability go to the iPhone’s “Settings” function, opening “General” settings, then “Restrictions.” By clicking “Enable Restrictions” you’ll be able to set a four-digit passcode that will lock out other apps. Allow a friend or your CE accountability partner to set this code for the features you want to have locked. Here’s a video about how to do that. Like I said, not as fool-proof as our Windows or Mac program, but fairly tight.

  19. @Luke – yeah that is what I figured we would have to do which is just fine. I plan on also sending my itunes download report to my wife just to make sure i’m not tempted to download anything stupid. I don’t really “need” youtube for work or anything and your browser sounds like it will be top notch. I really appreciate everything you guys do and the fast responses also. I tell all my friends about you all and have probably gotten over 20 people to sign up. One last question and I promise that will be it. Do you know of any sort of ETA on it being available?

    • @Heath – Wish I knew. Our tech team has been hard at work to get it out ASAP, but they are also meticulous about making sure things are top notch before something is released. No word from them yet about a release date, but rumor has it there may only be a few weeks left. No promises, but their close to being done with the beta test.

  20. Is there a way to be notified of when this is released? Also, is covenant eyes looking into future revisions that would monitor other apps like youtube and safari?

    • @Jesse – I’ll make sure to email you. As far as I know we’re not looking into monitoring these other apps because of the way the iPhone is built, but if we hit a breakthru, we’ll be sure to announce it.

  21. Like others here, the lack of accountability software is what has made me weary of an iPhone, even tho I really want one. I use x3 (from xxxchurch.com) on my comp, but nothing is out there for the iPhone. I can’t wait!

  22. Guys,

    What’s the ETA on the iPhone app for CE? That, like a lot of us, is the only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger on the 3GS.

    Thanks for all your help and this CRITICAL mission.

  23. Our entire staff is eagerly awaiting the release of the iPhone app. Testing began in May, has it been submitted to Apple? Are we looking at a few more months or are we talking days here? We may have to look at something like mobicip.com in the interim for at least some measure of accountability. I just don’t want to make that additional investment if you’re going to release it later this week or something :)

    • @Mark – We are also eagerly awaiting the elimination of potential bugs in the app. The bug list grows shorter. I can say we hope to have it out soon, but by soon I don’t mean later this week :) Look into the measures you need for accountability.

  24. Very anxious to get this app, but disapointed it will not monitor all Internet usage. Mobicip has worked well, but it is built in browsers to Twitter applications that have been a real temptation. Praying for a solution to redeem this wonderful piece of technology.

  25. Thanks, CE! I’ve already emailed your techs, but wanted to post here as well. Can’t WAIT for the iPhone software! Let’s just pray that the Apple police will let CE through! Not sure what the SDK allows with new browsers in the iPhone. I think they’ve been pretty against it in the past! I’m praying that it goes through.

  26. That’s great news that you’ve submitted the CE App to Apple!
    We need to pray that it makes it through their evaluation process.

    What do you all (all who read this blog) think if we all regularly enter “covenant eyes app” into the “search iTunes store” window so that Apple knows how many of us are awaiting this app? How about once a week?

  27. Jeff: I am willing to search the iTunes store for “Covenant Eyes app”.

    I trust this works because I searched often for outdated music and it came into being some months later.

    Let’s hope Apple’s finicky nature doesn’t hinder development of our coveted app!

  28. Hey an android app would be great. there is nothing for android at all… i would hate to have to give up this phone but living in the light is more important that a fancy phone.

    an android would rock

  29. @ bobby… Thx for the info. The best I have found for twitter is NatsuLion (Strange name) It does all the things the big boys do including browsing… but has no search feature. I love it!

    It took me a few months to finally get my ipod touch “Locked down” I gave my wife the access code and had her lock all the applications down so I could not bypass it.

    I posted an article to help parents at http://ibcstudentministries.org/2009/10/22/ipodiphone-protection-for-students/

    Currently CE is a little late to this game, but I am confident they will have a good product as they always do.

    I am REALLY hoping that Covenant Eyes starts working on software for Android so they do not get passed up on that. They are almost too late for the iphone and because the Iphone does not let them really filter all internet activity it is an uphill battle with some decent filtered browsers already on iphone.

    My hopes is that a TRUE filter and accountability software can be created for Android 2.0 This OS is going to become huge and it would be great if CE was right there with accountability.

    I have used CE for over 10 years and love their product! But I will get on board with whoever is the first to offer this service to an android device.

    If anyone knows of any Internet accountability for Android PLEASE let me know

    I appreciate all the hard work CE has done to help men in the battle against the flesh

    • @Phil – Thanks for the lead on that app. Could be a VERY useful tool. Rest assured we are still waiting to hear back from Apple about our app, and once we are approved we’ll let everyone know.

  30. First off, I’d like to commend you guys for working so hard to get the iphone app ready for release – I’m really thankful for having CE installed on my pc and to hear that it’s available on certain phones makes it even better.

    However, I was just wondering how CE goes about selecting which platforms to focus on? I understand having an iphone app makes total sense considering that it’s the most popular smartphone out there by a country mile.
    Besides the demand from CE users (as expressed on this board, I assume), what are some of the other factors that impact your development roadmap? Ease of deployment? Response from each platform’s development team? It’d be great if you could explain this a bit. Thanks.

    • @Gerald – A number of factors go into choosing what new projects we take on. For one, we are a fairly small company with usually only one development team working on one project at a time. When we considered working on Windows Mobile, we chose that project because of the ease of developing it (piggybacking on our previous programming). We chose iPhone for a variety of reasons (ability to outsource some of the work, high demand, etc.). As we work on other projects we typically look at several factors: 1. Needs of current customers. 2. Popularity of the platform. 3. How our work on one platform might effect our ability to work on other platforms after that. We are currently looking at some projects that will make future development in other areas much easier.

  31. I in my blissful ignorance & undiscerning will to continue in my sin bought the iPhone & have regreted it since. I think this software will help free me from my flesh. I sent the email requesting the questionaire & I’m praying I get selected for the test.

  32. @P1llag3r

    Please check out Mobicip. It’s not as comprehensive or effective as Covenant Eyes, but it should hold you over in the meantime until Apple gets around to approving CE. You’ll need to have an accountability partner change your Mobicip password once installed (you’ll probably need to pay for the premium membership as the default settings are intended for elementary school kids and excessively restrictive), as well as have them disable Safari, iTunes, YouTube, and the App Store using iPhone restrictions. Do not make the mistake of setting up your iPhone restrictions yourself (like I did), as you won’t be able to change the password without restoring your iPhone!

  33. And another vote for Android… I think other’s have voiced correclty, this phone is likley going to be a huge market share very quickly.
    I currently have a company BBRY and am comsidering paying to use something else so I can install CE – it’s too imporant not to have it. I wish I could get an Android phone now.
    Any idea when Android COULD come out from CE?

    • @Brian – We’ve considered Android as a possibility many times and have looked into what it might take. Right now our whole tech team is tied up with other matters that have their full attention. Unfortunately we don’t have a very large team capable of juggling more and a few projects at once. All the comments here have been very helpful for pushing projects like Android closer to the top of our list. It is the reason we went after the iPhone: we got so many responses (100s) from people who said they wanted it.

  34. And yet another vote for Android. Reading the posts from back in the summer, I see that the android was not on the radar. However, these android phones are blowing up, and will soon make all of your work on the ipone CE null. I think you should focus on that phone which will be the next big thing.

  35. Another vote here for Android. Android is quickly becoming a top 3 player, and it is vital that we have Covenant Eyes to help us in the daily battle…

  36. Luke-
    Any new news about CE for iPhone/iPod Touch? Or is Apple still looking over things? I really want an iPod Touch but I don’t wanna get it until CE can be put on it.

  37. @phil-thanks for the link!

    I’m confused what you meant about your sentence “Unfortunatley apple will never allow a true CE experience.” Could you specify what you mean?

  38. @phil

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but the iPhone/iPod CE browser will offer filtering and/or accountability reports. Granted, it can’t monitor/filter other apps, but it won’t be solely filtering, right?

  39. What I meant was, as far as I know apple will not allow ce to monitor all internet activity on the device. Which means for it to be effective the user will have to severly limit the iphones functionality (as that link tutorial describes) it is helpful, but still disapointing. As unless they have changed something you cannot change default browsers so web links in emails or apps apps are useless. Its just dissaponting that they won’t allow ce to filter all internet activity. But it is better than nothing… and better than what is available for android right now! I hope it is approved soon.

    @luke any word on ce for android yet?

  40. Let me add one more voice asking for an Android CE app. The Android OS will quickly move into the number 2 spot after iPhone, if not eventually displacing the iPhone (think Mac OS vs. Windows of the 90’s–the fact that Android OS can be used on a wide variety of devices will end up putting it in the hands of multitudes). Please consider making this project a priority.

  41. Luke, thanks for giving your company a voice. Although it’s disappointing to accept that CE doesn’t have the resources to work on a solution for the Android, at least we know that you hear our cry! May God bless your efforts!!

  42. I would happily ditch my iPhone, and get an Android phone if CE was released for it (especially if it was a true solution, and not just a new browser). I currently use an iPhone on Tmobile, and only have a voice plan, simply because there is no (and it looks like there can’t be) a real CE solution for iPhone.

    Android please, if true integration with the phone OS is possible!!!

  43. The app is approved!!!! Downloaded and using it now! Thanks CE and Merry Christmas!

    (The only problem, and the one thing I’d like to see changed is that the app has a 17+ rating, so you have to allow access to 17+ apps to be able to use it; something I’d prefer not to do. But still, it’s great!)

  44. You need to keep up with the market. Sometimes you need to cut your losses and move in a different direction when the market changes drastically. The Droid has made the number of Android users go up many times in the few monhs since release and willcontinue to do so. I guarantee it will be #2 within a year. Do your research and point yourselves in the right direction for the sake of your business.

  45. I would also like to add my voice to the request for an Android application for CE. Since the two most popular smartphones out there are the Droid with Verizon and the iPhone for AT&T, I think there should be an app for the Droid soon.

    Thank you all!

  46. And yet another vote for an Android app!
    Thank you so much for your work. I haven’t viewed porn on a PC for several years now since I installed X3Pro on my home computers. Accessing it on my phone is a major temptation from time to time though.

  47. @Luke unless the CE app has the ability to monitor other web browsers it will be essentially useless. With more and more apps utilizing built in web browsers, Locking down all of them renders the phone a mere shell f it’s potential and not worth it’s price. I know it’s not your fault that Apple limits functionality so badly, but if you really want to be helpful, create a version for jailbroken phones. There are apps that make locking down ifferent parts of the phone much more effective, and your app wouldn’t be limited in it’s ability to meet our needs. In short, unless you’re willing to bypass Apple’s rules about accessing the phone’s OS, this program cannot hope to achieve what so many of us are looking for: true accountability.

  48. Another vote for Andoird please. I’m a big fan of CE, and have just switched from Windows Mobile 5 to Android, thinking that CE would work on it.
    Keep up the good work!

  49. We have several Motorola Droids and we would 2nd this motion readily as Nate stated “Please offer an app for Android, it would be greatly appreciated.”

  50. @ Luke I would love a software that would work for the Android OS I know you mentioned months ago that it wasn’t high on the priority list, but with the release of the Droid the OS has become increasingly popular. Please Reconsider.

  51. Another vote for Android. For those interested in the app, please pray for resources to become available or someone to step forward to help develop CE for the Android OS.

  52. I’m with these guys – we need it for the Android.

    There is freedom in the law, and to live at peace with God is to live at peace within the bounds He designed.

  53. Ignoring Android is a huge fail on your part…I am disappointed.

    I would like to point out that there isn’t even a need for accountability software on the iPhone, as they provide fantastic restrictions within the OS (something Android doesn’t do right now!)…..you can lock down browsers, the apps store, youtube, etc and have someone else put the password.

    • @John – The reason we pursued accountability for the iPhone over a year ago is because it was our #1 most requested potential application. People wanted the freedom to browse the Internet on their iPhones knowing their accountability partners would have their backs.

  54. Luke, Do you have any estimated time for the Droid? This is a very popular phone for kids and I think that you need to provide coverage for this also. Please let us know a time frame for development. Thanks

  55. Just bought the droid incredible yesterday expecting SOMETHING available within CE or another program to be available.

    Another vote for Android please. I love the CE on my mac and it has helped me greatly. Please please please develop this next!

  56. Hey guys I’m an Iphone user and I want to say thanks, but I would like to have some more features like Safari has such as creating bookmarks on my homepage and being able to open links in email and other things in CE. thanks

  57. Another vote for developing CE for the Android OS; the Droid in my case. Anyone know if there are other accountbility/filtering apps in the market, or the web (in the meantime)?

  58. Now that the iPhone 4 has the ability to run multiple apps, will CE be making an app that allows the level of accountability found on Macs and PCs? In other words will it be able to run in the background and report on websites viewed on Safari, etc.?

    • @Jim – The simple answer for this is no. It allows multiple programs to run but one app doesn’t have access to another apps network traffic (or access to the networking stack on an OS level). Everything is still quite locked down.

  59. PLEASE come out with an app for Android! The Android Market is saturated with thousands of disgusting, nauseating apps all of a sexual nature. We need the accountability software because cell phone providers won’t let these apps be blocked :-(

  60. Another vote for Android. No doubt it will quickly become the second most used mobile platform soon behind the IPhone (if it is not already). I am looking for a new phone, and cannot afford the IPhone. Thanks.

  61. I’ve been using covenant eyes for years now, so when I purchased an Android Smartphone, I was blown away to hear that nothing has been developed for this platform. The Android Operating System is booming in the cell phone market and there isn’t any accountability software out there that is as fullproof as CE. PLEASE help you customers out and put something in place…. we’re desperate!

  62. PLEASE develop (or outsource) an Android version of CE. I’ve used CE for…wow… over five years now. It’s great. I’d love to continue to use CE, but I’ve got to go with the first provider of a decent Android app. AT&T’s (tiered) IPhone plans are SOO much more expensive than Sprint’s (unlimited) data plans for the Android phones. Android is taking off and it’s only the beginning. You guys are making a BIG mistake by not investing in an Android app. Money is cheap right now. Take out a loan and outsource the programming. Android is here to stay – Google has more money and resources than Apple, more phones than Apple…and growing…and growing…and growing. Love CE. Hope to stay with you. DEVELOP ANDROID!! PLEASE :)

  63. Another vote for an Android solution!

    I have been a CE user for almost a whole year now and I appreciate the level of accountability offered. If possible it would be nice for the Android app to be as close to the PC/Mac software as possible (Background reporting, uninstall notification, etc.).

    I thank you for all the hard work that you have done so far in helping internet users gain a foothold in their struggles against a sex saturated world. God Bless and keep on keeping on.

  64. WONDERFUL! Just a quick question: some apps that are “unrelated” to pornography will have a hook in them (perhaps a sports app will have a harmful area to the site). Will these be able to be monitored as well?

    • @Vanessa – The app is a web browser that is monitored. The iPhone does not allow for the creation of apps that monitor other apps, at least not for product developers. This means when someone gets our app, if they want airtight accountability they will need to lock the ability to acquire new apps.

  65. If you could make a version or app for the Palm Pre it would be awesome. I have filters on all my computers for my own integrity but the Pre is at this point a rouge tool that I would like accountability with as well

  66. Android version please! There’s a distinct lack of half-decent accountability/filtering software for this OS, so please guys, put us out of our misery!

  67. How about something for HP/Palm WebOS? Looking to buy an HP touchpad, but lack of accountability software is what holds me back.

  68. With the discontinuation of the TouchPad last week and subsequent massive selloff of the remaining inventory, this is a great question, Caleb.

    Many things work against a WebOS version of Covenant Eyes:

    – The operating system lacks any good way to provide any sort of reliable accountability product.
    – The future of WebOS is very much in limbo – the latest buzz being that it is likely to be sold off for the patents it holds.
    – It holds only a very small existing base of users and we have had virtually no demand for a CE product for this platform.

  69. Hello everyone. I’m proud to announce the Covenant Eyes app for Android is no longer in beta and can be found on Google Play. Thanks to all our beta-testers for helping us make this app!

  70. I have tried to install CE’s app on my son’s iphone, but it is rated 17+ on the apple store. He has a 12+ restriction on apps on his phone that I don’t want to change. Why would CE’s app be rated 17+?

    • Because the Covenant Eyes browser, when not filtered, allows all Internet content. Apple will not rate it lower than 17+.

      What our members typically do is install the Covenant Eyes app and then disable the installation of apps. Whenever a new app is desired, the parent simply needs to enter the passcode and allow the installation.

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