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    • It would b a good idea to update for windows 8 phones. I know they may not b popular, but I def could use it myself.

    • At this time, no. Since Windows Phone 7, the platform has become very closed off in terms of monitoring and filtering. We are hopeful that Microsoft will be able to deliver the unified PC/Tablet/Phone experience they have been talking about for so long and we will be able to design an effective solution for the Windows Phone platform.

    • @James – We only support Windows Mobile 6.1 or earlier. If you currently use this, you can click here for Windows Mobile 6 Standard or here for Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

  1. The Windows Mobile downloads are missing from the download’s section… what’s going on? Are you halting the use of this monitoring?

    • @Nick – Currently our Windows Mobile app is so little used, we are not working on any updates for it. We currently only support Windows Mobile 6.1 or earlier. You can click here for Windows Mobile 6 Standard or here for Windows Mobile 6 Professional.

  2. Dear friends, I want to let you know that I’ve just installed CE on my HTC HD2 build on Windows 6.5; IT WORKS!!! It really does. Don’t ask my how; I don’t know, I just followed the procedure of installation from my desktop to my smartphone as mentionned for windows 6.0 professionnal, and it’s ok. Maybe this could help.
    Best regards.

  3. Does the company plan on releasing Covenant Eyes for Windows Phone 7? (I am looking at buying a new WinPho 7 smartphone this week). If not, does anyone know of any accountability software avail. for Win. phone 7?

    • @Rob – Right now the demand for Windows Mobile is so low, we have no plans to do an update (at least not until we tackle other major priorities). I don’t personally know of another program, but I will be looking to see if anyone develops something.

  4. I’ll throw in another vote for WP7. Thanks for doing the survey, I hope that is a part of increased emphasis on mobile. Thanks for what you do.

  5. I just filled out the survey as listed above. I also would very much appreciate a app for CE for Windows 7 phones.

    Thank you for all you do. I continue to trust CE on all my computers!

  6. Windows Phone 7 is going to see a huge push from AT&T this holiday season. As of yet, there are no good accountability solutions for the Windows Phone 7 or Palm OS platforms.

    I think it would be great to see a company like Covenant Eyes tackle this issue.

    Development for Windows Phone 7 is done using Silverlight, so you should be able to adapt the CE software for Windows with some mobile APIs.

    Please be proactive, not reactive… WM7 is going to be big!!

  7. I have a the palm pre plus and would love to have an app for the WebOS phone.
    It would make both me and my wife feel a lot better.

    The direction of computers is going to head into entirely mobile territory IMHO.

  8. i started installing ce on my windows mobile and i cant seem to get past the login part of the install. i just signed up for the account but it keeps saying my username and pass are invalid. thriple checked the spelling and caps… but still no go. any ideas?

    • @russ – Hmmm. I don’t have a whole lot to go on to help you, but I would suggesting giving a quick call to our customer account reps. They’ll be able to troubleshoot with you, see if there’s a glitch somewhere. Call 877.479.1119.

  9. Will you guys be posting results of the survey or passing on info about what platforms you’re planning development for and when? Some information on CE’s intentions for future mobile development would be helpful for those not wanting to get a device that wouldn’t have CE support. Thanks agin for all you do!

    • @Brent – I believe you’ve had a premonition. Yes, we are posting the results of the survey and some information about the platforms we plan to work on. Expect to see this early in January.

    • @Mark – Our application needs to be completely rewritten for Windows Mobile 7 – it is a completely different system. We are investigating the best way to do that right now.

    • @Luke, thanks. I realize it is a nontrivial piece of work to do the WP7 version and I am glad to hear you are looking at it. Do you plan on publishing the survey results?

    • Hi Luke-

      Any updates, or should we just go get iphones ;).

      Thanks for your work, and what I’m hoping is a renewed emphasis on the critical mobile market.


    • @Brent – No new news. We are in fact working on something for Android. I just saw some prototypes today. It is very exciting, but we don’t have a release date for you yet.

  10. I understand why you are surveying your users about what kind of mobile devices they use and that makes a lot of traditional marketing sense. You want to follow the market.
    May I suggest that you consider not just following but exercising leadership. As we all know, the most popular mobile platforms, e.g. iphone/ipad and android, don’t allow your software to really get between apps and the internet. So even though a user runs the CE browser they can easily download apps that allow them to pretty much go wherever they want on the internet without monitoring. So all your product is accomplishing is stopping a few people from browsing where they shouldn’t be until they figure it out; then they are stuck with a phone that isn’t safe. For others you are enabling them to buy a phone or tablet that their parents or accountability partners “think” is protected but really isn’t.
    I don’t know if this is true with Windows Phone 7, Palm Web OS or some of the other platforms, but I think it makes sense for you or Safeeyes or somebody to identify a platform that allows for accountability, filtering and monitoring that is just as effective as what you offer with CE on Windows computers. Then make some noise about that the fact that you have a product that is truly effective. I think a lot of people would follow your lead and go with a platform that works. They could still get a lot of the cool features of the new phones even though it may not be powered by apple or google.
    In other words, there are people who would choose their phone platform based on the fact they can get effective accountability software. I don’t know how many there but it would be great to see you or somebody take the high road; it might really pay off for you.

    • @rick – We’re reading that more and more in the comments. Many people have said they would choose a platform based on the availability in Internet protection software or applications. Goes to show just how much people believe in the value of accountability.

  11. This is exactly the reason i am moving from the iPhone to a Windows 7 Mobile Device. Yes, CE can be installed on the iPhone, but it cannot execute in the background (no fault of CE – due to a limitation by Apple). The reason we have accountability on our mobile devices is that we do not trust ourselves alone with an Internet-connected device. How many husbands REALLY tell their spouses they have CE on their iPhone and yet still have Safari and YouTube enabled? How many of the iPhone CE users REALLY use the CE browser at the time of temptation?

    At least with Windows Mobile devices, your entire device is accounted for with no worries (CE app runs in the background).

    • @Kevin – The limitations placed by Apple are unfortunate, but I’m also curious how many people use our iPhone app as directed in the user guide. Do most people choose to disable other apps so their accountability is airtight? Thoughts, anyone?

    • I would think that an addict would attempt any method to access inappropriate content, especially if they are alone. Simply factory reset the phone, and off they go! Hypothetically, a complete solution would be accountability software coupled with content filtering.

    • @Kevin – This would certainly fit the profile of the addict, but there are many people who use accountability services who aren’t addicts. I agree, an accountability-filtering combo would be ideal.

    • So casual downloading of pornographic content doesn’t constitute an addict? What is the difference between daily, monthly or yearly viewing of pornography? Where is this line drawn to distinguish a casual observer versus an addict?

      I understand the issue, but in reality, the mind processes these repetitive thoughts daily. That’s why we need the accountability, because we do not trust ourselves when we are alone. Unless there is a successful ‘spin out’ process, the inevitable result is typically catastrophic.

      I think an individual who is lacking personal responsibility would love to classify their casual pornographic habits as non-addictive. Even if the evidence of pornography spawn years later, the seed of addiction is still evident in their cyclic actions. That’s why Pastors are especially vulnerable. They think if they clothe themselves in good deeds, they are invulnerable to temptation. Type “pastors charged with porn” in Google and you will see the startling climate.

      Everyone else is simply kidding themselves with delusions of apathy. 2 Tim 2:22.

    • @Kevin – I must have not made myself clear. Of course “casually” downloading porn is a problem. That wasn’t my point at all. I was merely saying a lot of people get accountability software and are never motivated to try and cheat or circumvent the system, either because they don’t consider themselves savvy enough to do it, or because their is a quality in their accountability relationships that motivates them toward honesty and holiness.

      Of course many true addicts (or at least those with a compulsive porn use) can easily delude themselves into believing their problem isn’t as bad as it really is. But that wasn’t the intent behind my question: I was wondering how many use the app and have no problem with the fact that they have to take extra steps to make the accountability airtight. Knowing we couldn’t design a flawless system, we chose to creation something that could be useful, even it it meant needing to take make extra steps to make it work.

  12. As you’ve alluded to, Safari and Youtube aren’t the only apps that allow objectionable content, the google app being a prime example. So it sounds like the only airtight solution is to restrict downloading of apps and then only download them when the accountability partner is present and informed enough to know that the app is safe. I guess there are some benefits of having an ipad without Safari or apps…
    Is the problem with apps in general, regardless of whether it’s the ipad or any other operating system platform? Or are there platforms out there that would allow for airtight accountability if someone like CE were to develop the capability?
    It sounds like the best approach right now for someone who wants a touchscreen tablet with airtight accountability is to use one of the Windows 7 tablets with CE.

    • @Rick – That’s exactly right. The iPhone just isn’t built for accountability across their whole operating system. Not only do you have to disable certain apps, but you have to disable the downloading of new apps and then make sure you don’t hold the password. We’ve done some research on developing apps for other platforms, but nothing conclusive yet.

  13. Meant to add…
    I agree with you about the importance and value of honest accountablity relationships and a desire for holiness. There needs to be accountability beyond just what CE reports; the user needs to fess up even if he doesn’t get caught.
    But when it’s late at night and you are alone and innocently browsing the web after a tough week it’s really nice to know that airtight accountability is installed on that device. It makes a difference.
    For a lot of us guys it’s not about being “motivated to try to cheat the system” or we wouldn’t need the software in the first place. To the contrary, our motives are all about purity and holiness and that’s why they want an airtight sytem. We recoginize our weaknesses and want to take measures to compensate for them.
    We also want an iPad or something like it.

    • @Rick – I agree. There always needs to be accountability beyond was CE reports: that’s what a deepening accountability relationship is all about. I also agree being motivated for purity is exactly why many people get CE in the first place, but that same motivation is what keeps them from other outlets of lust as well (Internet related or not). My prayer is that CE becomes a catalyst in people’s live to deepen their friendships.

      A pastor I met, who was deeply entrenched in porn and eventually cheated on his wife, told me he had “accountability” the whole time while he was sneaking around, but he didn’t have any real friends he cared enough about not to lie to them (yikes). Unfortunately when technology isn’t a bridge to better relationships, we can turn technology into a quick fix that really doesn’t fix anything.

      Let me also add, we at Covenant Eyes are always looking for more ways to make airtight systems, but in the case of the iPhone, we are unfortunately limited to what Apple says we can do. I hope the measures we have created help people as far as we are able.

  14. I’m saddened that rather than be proactive, I have to take a survey and pray that it is within Gods will to convict you into making the app. But if that is what I have to do, that is what I’ll do. And I invite others to do the same.

    Romans 8:28 Here’s to having another tool to help us conform to Christ, have a closer fellowship with Him and bear good fruits for the kingdom.

    BTW I have windows phone 7, but don’t let that stop you from making apps for other platforms.

    • @Joseph – Rest assured, we are being proactive. The main questions we are asking is not, “What mobile platform will we work on next?” Rather, we are asking how we can work on a variety of mobile platforms while continuing to improve our overall services, such as the quality and accuracy of accountability reports, our Member Center, and other things. The issue isn’t whether we will have something for Android. The issue is when we will develop something and how it fits alongside all our other ambitions.

    • @rick – Too early to say. From the outset I would say yes, because we would probably be able to have access to the operating systems themselves.

  15. I was reading the above comments in hopes to gain an insight into what is considered the “safest” smartphone. Assuming that I have worked to ensure all safeguards are in place, that is, taking the extra steps, which smartphone would you consider to be the safest? I currently own an older smartphone that runs WM 6.1, but unfortunately, in times of temptation, I have been taking advantage of a loophole (can’t share what it is lest others are led into temptation), and activity through that loophole cannot be tracked by the CE software.

    I’m not well-acquainted with the iPhone, so, in the case of the iPhone, could it be made airtight if I simply disable the download of apps and give my wife and/or my accountability partner the password so they could supervise which apps I download?

    • If he just bought an HTC Surround, then you have Windows Phone 7 (which Covenant Eyes is not compatible with currently). However, if you believe that you have an older version of Windows Mobile, you can check the version by doing the following:

      1. Press the “Start” button and select the “Settings” option.
      2. Press “More” to browse through the options within the Settings section. Continue pressing “More” until you see an option called “About” or “System Information.”
      3. Highlight either the “About” or the “System Information” option and select it.
      4. View the information presented. It will indicate which Windows Mobile version you are using at the top of the screen.

  16. I just want to add my vote, encouragement and appeal to you all to develop CE for Windows Phone 7. For reasons too tedious to detail here, I am stuck on the horns of a dilemma whether to keep my work iPhone and violate ethical principles, or stick wih my new personal Phone 7, and struggle with my sobriety (which I promptly violated on the first day!) I need to honor God in all areas, and look to CE to be the tool that will help.

  17. Hey CE team-

    I know you’re almost done with your Android app beta version, congrats on this important development. Just wondering if you will start working on a WP7 app after your android one is up & running, or is that is further down the road. I’m trying to figure out if I can hold out longer for a CE app on WP7, or if I should just get an android device to replace my old WM 6.1 phone. Thanks for your work on this, and any updates you can give.

    • Brent,

      Right now there are no plans for a WP7 app, so if you’re looking at phone options at least partially for the availability of Covenant Eyes, I’d go with Android. (We do have high hopes that part of our Android solution will actually carry over into other phones, but we won’t know that for sure until the Android app is out of Beta.)

    • Lisa-

      Thanks for the helpful update. Can you shed any additional light on your comments about potential carry over from your android solution?

  18. Hi I have a HTC wildfire s and I can download the app, but it works in the background and if I go on any questionable sites it won’t block me, it just tells my accountability partner which is fine but I would rather it didn’t get to that. Also I can download apps that are questionable and my partner not even know unless I tell them. I’m honest with my partner but at the time I see an app and get tempted. Is there anything that I can download? Thank-you it works great on my laptop but would appreciate the same on my mobile if possible thanks again. Great work

  19. @CA

    The next release will monitor and report on which apps are being run on a device. That should remove the anonymity from usage of questionable apps and give accountability partners enough info to start a conversation with those they hold accountable. Thanks for trying the alpha!

  20. Hello everyone. I’m proud to announce the Covenant Eyes app for Android is no longer in beta and can be found on Google Play. Thanks to all our beta-testers for helping us make this app!

    • Hi Scott. Yes, we have. There are a number of problem with this that have held us back from this approach. The biggest reason is on most devices there is no way to force the device to send its activity through a cloud. For instance, on an iPhone or Android, a user can choose to force web traffic through a VPN or proxy, but we can’t create a program that would require it. The user could just not go through the cloud whenever they wanted to, and there wouldn’t be a way to report on it.

  21. Just a quick note on Windows Phone 7: I just got a Nokia Lumia 900 (thinking that there would at least be some kind of applications locking software in the WP7 Marketplace.) I used an apps locking program successfully on a Blackberry, it could lock any app and even the browser with a password. I made an impossible to remember long password and kept it at work (for example) so I would be safe when I went home. Not totally foolproof, but certainly effective enough. Anyway, I’m on the hunt for something like this out there for WP7. My question for CE would be: would it be possible to develop something like an application that would allow us to password lock Internet Explorer? It’s not a “total” solution but would make huge strides towards better protection. Any thoughts greatly appreciated. :-)

    • Hi Eric. We have considered something like this when we were creating our Android app. In the end, we decided against it for a number of reasons. First, we found there was a growing list of applications in the Marketplace with that very function. We wanted to spend our time developing for other devices and not spend more time adding another function to our Android app.

      As far as WP7 is concerned, we do not get a lot of requests for any services for these devices. The largest volume of requests tend to be for Android or iOS. With limited staff, we tend to focus on the applications that will impact the most people first. Of course, we’re always in development, so I will pass your idea on to our team! I think it is a great idea. I personally use an Android phone and I use App Lock. It seems to work great. I have it set to lock down a variety of apps (YouTube, Facebook, and Play Store). My wife knows the password. I find this very effective.

  22. With the launch of windows mobile 8 and the growing application store and the higher demand for these products – will there be an app for windows 8?

  23. I second Mikes request for CE on WP8, I to have a Nokia Lumia.
    or has anyone found any accountability software for WP8??

  24. Please, is a WP8 app in development as of now? Or does anyone know of any other app that would help on that?
    Please, let me know…

  25. I’m looking at your 8/14/13 reply to Edgar that mentions a working beta for WP8. I’ve been waiting to buy a Nokia Lumia because I don’t want a smart phone without accountability (& I have no use for an iPhone or Android). Can I try out your beta? Please?

    • Some have tried using our beta on Windows phones, but that’s what the beta was created for. Apps for windows phones have to be created differently. We don’t believe our new program for Windows will work on mobile devices. Sorry.

    • No. Nothing yet. We’ve received relatively little demand for this, but we are working on various solutions for mobile platforms that might eventually spill over into a Windows Phone project.

    • Count me in as far as WP demand is concerned. I have been stuck with an Android for the past three years and would consider switching to Windows Phone but for the complete lack of accountability software for the platform.

      Also, I note that in your 8/2013 comment, you say you already have a CE beta app for WP. Did I misunderstand something, or was that discontinued?

  26. Count me in as another one strongly desiring a CE solution for Windows Phone. I’m about ready to give up my Nokia because of the lack of accountability software support from anyone. I truly love my windows phone and loath android devices, actually anything associated with Google. Apple is my reluctant fall back device. I am more than willing to beta test anything you have in the pipeline for Windows Phone.

  27. Please develop something for Windows Phone! I signed up for a 2-year contract yesterday not knowing that CE is unsupported. It’s going to be a long two years! :(

  28. Dear Covenant Eyes LTD

    Please please please enhance your software to work with Windows Phones, I love NOKIA and I cannot buy the phone due to my problem.

    In Europe about 3% to 5% of the phones in use are windows devices, and there is 741 Million of us over here so going for a rate of 4% of Windows Phone Users there are about 30 of us (or want to be) in Europe alone, and I would expect as the software develops that will nothing but increase.

    Current rates of porn addiction are about 6% see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pornography_addiction so that means that 1.8 million Windows Phone users are prospective Covenant Eyes customers.

    I spend £5.99 a month or $9.95US, which is $119 a year to buy your software, which I run on my mother’s old crapy Android phone. When Covenant Eyes develop its software I’ll buy a lovely shiney Windows Nokia!

    $119 a year x $1.8M (prospective Covenant Eyes users) = $214.2 million US dollars. Now just say you have a market penetration (sorry but I couldn’t resisit that word, I know how you guys across the pond love to use it in business) now just one percent, the rate of return for your company could be $2.1 million in Europe ALONE.

    Please could you wake up and develop your software for your loyal customers!

    Thank you & God Bless
    Dear Covenant Eyes LTD

  29. I have a team of app developers that would be glad to develop a CE solution for Windows platform phones. Would that help in getting up and running in that market without tying up CE program developers. I am glad to help.

  30. I would like to see CE for windows phone and would pay for it….i have it for my Win8.1 Tablet and all our desktops at home….

  31. Yes. Please develop CE for a Windows 8 Phone, specifically the NOKIA model. I’d like to be able to use mine. :)

  32. Yes, Please develop CE for Windows 8 / 8.1 These Nokia phones are simply amazing and we’d like to see some software developed for it. Plus, it’d make my wife feel better – and a happy wife is a happy life.
    Please guys, develop for Windows!

    • Hi James,
      We most definitely want to develop an app for Windows mobile. The move from Windows Mobile 6 to 7/8 have essentially taken away the ability for us to create an effective app. With Windows Phone 10 just around the corner, we are hoping that Microsoft will be able to deliver on their promise of a unified platform, opening the door for us to port our Windows.

  33. Please develop an app for Windows phone. I am such a supporter of Covenant Eyes, but cannot utilize this great service on my Nokia. I purchased the phone because it was affordable and had the functionality I was looking for. Since the upgrade to Windows 10, can something be done as soon as possible? Thanks!

    • Mark,

      Thank you for your great feedback! Developing an app for Windows mobile devices is something that has been talked about, but right now there is nothing in the works. I do apologize that we are currently unable to work on your mobile device, but your feedback is something that I will definitely pass along to our developers.

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