2 thoughts on “Crucified with Christ: Overcoming Sin (Part 6)

  1. I have been thinking much of this message of dead to sin, and alive to God. I have tried with much failure to be dead to sin. And have come to believe that the Holy Spirit enables me to experience the reality of actually being dead to sin. And as I once was very alive to sin, being seriously infected to it and very sick. Now I am instead very alive to God, by the law of the Spirit. And this promise of being alive to God must also be experienced by faith. I am so humbled to know there is nothing in me to bring these realities of dead to sin and alive to God. It is through the enabling power of the Spirit that I will experience these realities of the Word. If this is not the case, then I am a miserable failure . And I am a doomed man. I become introverted and my head hangs low when I fail to be an upstanding person. I think, well Rick, you are a christian, you should be different in your acting. Well, yes, I should be! But I must rely on God to work in me my idenity with Christ. Namely dead to sin and alive to God.. I must learn self control. I am exhausted in trying to be an overcomer. I am out of stength of willpower. But it has made me to reach out with the only option left. And that is overcoming BY the SPIRIT. He is disciplining me, wooing me to do the right things. Even as the devil was a cruel master to make me do wrong. So the Spirit is a gentle, but firm master to make me do right. This is my belief and hope.

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