9 thoughts on “Porn Addiction and Accountability

  1. I think one of the reasons I am aggressive towards my wife and argue is the addiction of porn in my life. This has been going on for almost 2 years and is affecting our relationship. I do not have the same feelings for her since I started viewing porn and our sex life has dwindled significantly in that time. My spiritual relationship is sporadic at best and I feel like I’m living a double life, both towards the Lord and my wife. I saw this ad in the Christian Examiner, about internet porn and knew I had to do something about it. Praise God for “Covenant Eyes!”

  2. Good stuff. Being open with an accountability partner and giving them permission to ask the tough questions is essential to growth and Christian integrity and keeps us from hiding. Of course honesty is always required. Accountability is only as good as your honesty.

  3. I feel that this article hits the nail on the head. Men tend to be independent, or think they are. In actuality, we tend to follow more than we lead. When one is addicted to porn, they are following their flesh. As a result, their personal discipline, and character begins to wane. Their integrity is undermined.
    As sand is eroded from the sea shore, so is a man’s self respect when addicted to pornography. As mentioned in the article, one great way to combat this is to get some help from an objective, Godly, serious minded, accountability partner! Don’t be afraid to ask for help!!!

  4. yes i am addictied to porn but the problem that i see with dealing with the porn addiction is nobody is dealing with single men when i try to find something deaing with single men i am a single man and i see that everyone is talking about the break up of marriages but how about single men .

  5. I just cannot seem to fully shake this addiction. I am saved and am a strong believer and follower of Christ, but this has hindered me more than anything else. It’s brought rage, depression, exhaustion, and discontentment in my life..

  6. I have been addicted to porn for many years. My wife has recently found out about my addiction.I would like to be accountable to someone so that I can break this addiction. I woould also like to find out how I can filter my PC from these sites

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