A Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying

A Parent's Guide to Cyberbullying

15% of teens faced online harassment last year. This guide will help you understand what cyberbullying is, why it matters, and what you can do to help your child.

9 thoughts on “Cyberbullying: The New Playground

  1. This is an interesting article, it really highlights a problem with adult social networks.

    There’s been a lot of growth in adult use of social networks in the past few years, but what’s interesting is that the majority of adults tend to use social networks geared towards teenagers. Look at adoption of Boomj.com versus 35+ users on Myspace or Facebook.

    There needs to be a fundamental shift in what adults look for in social networks, we as a demographic and age group want different things out of social networks.

    Read my post at fuegonation.com/blog to find more details. I broke down the problems associated with current social networks and why they are not fundamentally appealing to social networks.

    Hope this helps Breaking Free!


    Brogan Keane

  2. Hello Brogan,

    Thanks for your thoughts and your insightful post about how social networking sites market to teens, not adults. I particularly like your statement: “Virtually all of the major social networking sites left me feeling like I was searching for a paperclip in my nephew’s messy dorm room.” Well said.


  3. Nice write-up Luke. It is true that cyberbullying is a much bigger threat and affliction of teens online. It’s another reason parents should be more aware of what their child is doing online. They need to know if their kid is a victim – or worse, the instigator. Thanks for making a post about this and adding to the net discussion on the topic!

  4. Hi Luke,

    For the past three years, cyberbullying is an issue I have been deeply concerned and passionate about. Last year, I wrote an anti-cyberbullying policy for my school district that still has not been approved yet!

    I can not tell you how many people have told me it simply does not exist or that “kids are just being kids”. Others believe by simply turning off the computer, the problem will go away.

    Cyberbullying is not a joke; it can have very serious consequences. There have been many suicides attributed to electronic bullying.

    Due in part to the international news coverage of the the Megan Meier case, electronic bullying is FINALLY being taken seriously.

    Thank you for stopping by my website and for spreading the word on this rapidly growing trend.


  5. Luke,
    Cyberbullying is something I had a crash course in a few years back. I googled my sons name & pulled up some xanga.com post that were very disturbing.
    After quite some time, my son agreed to give an interview to the Tuscaloosa News on this.
    Doing the interview was very difficult for him. We especially didn’t know that it would be the front page story of the Sunday paper!
    The positive responses from others that were experiencing the same type of treatment confirmed to him that sharing his story was meaningful.

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