11 thoughts on “Protecting Kids Online – The Myths and Realities of Online Predators

  1. Thanks for this blog. It is really informative. I can see that my view has been colored by media programs highlighting the danger of these sites. I was very hesitant to allow my daughter a social site, not only because of predators but I didn’t want to unnecessarily expose her to the opportunity for being bullied either.I decided to let her open one with the understanding that I would monitor it. So far so good! Thanks, Luke!

  2. Great advice. Can you provide a link for each of your myths to the source of your information? I’m of the opinion students are as likely to be sexually abused by a school employee as an internet predator.

  3. Great information! I also was intrigued by the comment from Jim…really makes you think or that you should be thinking about the opportunities other adults may be considering, just in order to protect our own children from these predators…online or offline.

  4. Interesting post. Some of the myths do occur, such as adults posing as youth and lures to rape or abduct. However, it is extremely important for parents to understand predators are master manipulators, and teens are vulnerable since they are curious, sometimes naive, inexperienced, and feel invincible. I am glad you highlighted it is never the young person’s fault, even if they are “compliant.”

  5. Clarifying and helping parents cut through the information out there is great.

    I applaud your take and clarity on this!
    -Joyce Jackson
    #1 International Bestselling author and eChild Safety Expert

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