4 thoughts on “X3Watch and Covenant Eyes – What are the key differences?

  1. does your software that is used on iOS devices track usage that may occur through other apps. For instance, in the google app internet usage can happen without the app switching to Safari. Also there are ways to go through apps that will allow you to be browsing sites but again not in safari. These are loop holes I have found to be slip ups for me and I am hoping this software would track that usage as well. I hope I have made sense in this question. Thanks for what you do.

    • The Covenant Eyes browser only monitors itself on the iOS. We don’t monitor Safari or the browsers within other apps. Our browser app was created to work hand-in-hand with the iOS built-in Restrictions, so it is important anyone who uses our app also use those Restrictions.

      Because apps are always changing, we don’t keep an official list of “safe apps” for iOS. But there is a thread on our member support forum where CE members have kept a list of apps that have built-in browsers.

  2. so that means I can unlock my restrictions and go to porn sites with safari or google and covenant eyes won’t record those?
    I guess the alternative is to restore the iPhone and have someone else put in the user pin/code that I don’t know. Then I cannot reset restrictions.

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