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Ron DeHaas is the president and co-founder of Covenant Eyes. Ron has a BS and an MS in Geology from The Ohio State University and attended the University of Michigan as a PhD candidate. Ron pioneered the concept of Accountability Software, and founded Covenant Eyes in the spring of 2000, and today over 150,000 subscribers enjoy the Internet accountability Covenant Eyes provides. Ron also founded Nehemiah Ministries, a 160-acre retreat and counseling center in south-central Michigan for pastors and missionaries. (Photo from the Lansing State Journal, photographer Greg DeRuiter. Used with permission.)

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31 thoughts on “I am Ron

  1. Ron… Every time I read the title to this post… I immediately think of the scene from Transformers, where Megatron is thawing out, and he steps out and says “I… AM… MEGATRON!”

    Except instead I see you walking out of your freezing cold office, brandishing a rubber band, and saying “I… AM… MEGARON”

  2. Ron –
    As I travel and work at conferences representing The Banner of Truth, a very high percentage of the guys I have met (those with whom the conversation has gone deeper between Christian brothers) have shared with me how they have struggled, or still struggle, with internet pornography. That’s why I was glad to receive an entire packet of CE brochures; I recommend CE often and am personally both a member and an accountability partner to several. I thank the Lord, Ron, for the work that the He has done, and the help He provides through CE. God bless you brother. May our paths someday cross.
    Steve Burlew

  3. Ron, I really appreciate Covenant Eyes…I use it for myself and my 5 employees. The accountability aspect has been invaluable. And since we have Mac’s, and to my knowledge, it’s the only accountability software that works on the Mac. I used a Filter for 5 years, but have a distaste for them because there are always ways around a filter. Accountability, with a solid friend, works. I need to ask, though, that you begin working on accountability software for PDA’s, more specifically the iPhone and iTouch (also Treo’s, Blackberry’s, etc.). I have put off purchasing one of these devices until there is accountability software. Please let me know when you’ll have something available.

  4. Ron
    I can’t agree more… I’ve been porn free for years, but now have an itouch – and need the software! I hate the temptation. Please help.

  5. yes software for the itouch is what i’m waiting for. i’m a missionary in haiti and recently got an itouch yet i have a kept a covenant with God to always have accountability on all internet access in my family so i’m giving it to a friend until i find some software for it. I pray you can come up with something!

  6. Hi Ron,

    I just got a blackberry and I’m looking for some type of software to install which will be able to keep me accountable. I use covenant eyes for my PC. Is there such a thing for blackberry? If you could email me that would be great.


  7. Hello Ron,

    I too, am desperately searching for software for a Blackberry Treo for my husband. I recently found out he is an addict. Not only is this devastating, I’m scared about the temptation he faces because there doesn’t seem to be a way to block anything online for his phone. It’s a phone given to him by his employer because he needs to see work email constantly. Please help.


  8. Hey everyone-I recently got a Blackberry as well, and have been searching for some sort of covenant eyes program for it. Could someone please e-mail me if you find one? I can’t tell you how much I’d appreciate it!


  9. David, Greg, Kerry, and Joshua,

    We’ve received a number of questions on this post about filtering for the BlackBerry.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but when we called BlackBerry to talk to their software engineers they informed us that BlackBerry does not create software for Internet filtering, nor are they aware of any applications created by anyone else.

    I tried exploring a number of options, but to no avail. The only thing I could find is how to configure your computer to use Open DNS when using a BlackBerry as a tethered modem (http://blog.opendns.com/2006/10/09/d-link-actiontec-blackberry-users-we-need-your-help/), but as far as I know there is no way to change the DNS settings on the BlackBerry itself.

    If you are interested in filtered Internet, I do not suggest getting a BlackBerry. Covenant Eyes is currently exploring ways to effectively monitor and/or filter Internet service for other mobile devices. We are beta testing devices that use Windows Mobile 6. Or if you prefer the iPhone, this YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2vilWb_hYk) will show you how to configure the parental controls.

  10. Hi everyone. Near as I can tell, there is nothing out there like Covenant Eyes for the iphone.

    As sure as water runs downhill, porn sites are popping up designed specifically for the iphone. Jobs and co. initially made their lives difficult by preventing flash player on the iphone, but now they are simply using the Safari browser and quicktime.

    The Youtube video link in Luke’s post disables Safari entirely. This is one option of course, but it sort of defeats one of the main purposes of owning an iphone.

    Hey Ron! If you and your coterie of geniuses come up with a Covenant Eyes for the iphone, then I promise to subscribe.

  11. W. Smith,

    It’s true: my suggestions for the iPhone are to disable the Safari browser altogether. Without adequate filtering or accountability, there may be no other option if you want protection while using the Internet.

    I agree, this does take away one of the key features of the iPhone, which only goes to show why something like Covenant Eyes is really needed for it today.

    If you have any suggestions for us, please let us know.

    • @T A – Yes, they do. Have you seen their accountability reports yet?

      Covenant Eyes also has apps for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as well as an alpha version of an Android app.

  12. I too am looking for internet filtering / accountability for the blackberry. I just recently had to sell my blackberry because I couldn’t handle the lack of accountability. I love the blackberry, and can’t wait for there to be filtering and or / accountability reports for it.

    Hire some computer gurus and make it happen. We’re willing to pay for the service! :)

    • For Blackberry, a great and inexpensive app is Advanced Device Locks. It’s all or nothting… but it will enable you to password protect the browser and another app you wish to block, but still enjoy all of the other great Blackberry features. Just have your partner or friend set up the password and you will be safe and set to go.

  13. Thanks to everyone for this ongoing discussion of the need for accountability on the iphone, windows mobile phones, and th blackberry. I know of nothing for the blackberry… and we do not even have it on the stove yet. But we are beta testing the windows mobile version and are on the verge of testing the iphone version. So for now, if you have a choice in the matter, it probably is best not to use a blackberry.

  14. There is a program, free from Blackberry, called “Blackberry Unite!”. It is designed for businesses to coordinate their Blackberries and to share information among users and between users and their home or office computers. However, it also allows businesses to control and monitor HOW their Blackberries are used. The Blackberry website says that through Blackberry Unite, “Acceptable smartphone usage can be defined for each individual” . There is also a function where the person designated as “administrator” can log on and review every website any of their Blackberries has visited.

    This sounds like it has potential. Has anyone tried it?

  15. I am so grateful to God for your ministry. Thank you for reminding me of the awe-filling and joy-empowering reality of a God who shines light even in some of the darkest and disastrous experiences we have.

  16. I too had to get rid of my blackberry storm, I only had it for 3 days but that was long enough. I do hope you guys come up with an application that can be loaded on to the device for us. I love your software.

  17. There’s gotta be a way to keep accountability on Blackberry. I’m gonna try that “Blackberry Unite!” that Steve suggested a few posts up. My boyfriend keeps the CE paid up on the computer and that makes me happy, but then I constantly see on his phone that he’s still looking at all those nasty vids that make me feel like CRAP. (What can the appeal be? The screen is so tiny the women he’s looking at are like 1 inch tall for crying out loud!)
    Anyways….. He’s not about to get rid of the Bberry, so I’ll see if I can download that app for him and if it works I’ll report back here and give a report :-)

  18. I use Advanced Device Locks on my Blackberry. It’s inexpensive ($7) and enables you to pwd protect the browser and any other app that you may have trouble with. Just have a friend set and keep the pwd for you and you are set and safe. Sweet!

  19. Hello everyone. I’m proud to announce the Covenant Eyes app for Android is no longer in beta and can be found on Google Play. Thanks to all our beta-testers for helping us make this app!

  20. Re: Blackberry’s – the UK government is putting pressure on Research in Motion (makers of Blackberry) to develop filters or allow third parties to do so as it is a legal requirement in the UK that minors cannot access pornography.

    I have a Blackberry and the only solution I found (which works) is to use an application called App Lock to lock out and block any access to the web browser, with my accountability partner having the password. This way I cannot browse the net at all and it removes all temptation – yet I can happily use google maps and my e-mails.

    I would challenge people – if you need a Blackberry for e-mail and not for browsing, lock out the browser – it wil not effect your e-mail but will remove ypouir ability to access pornography.

  21. ps – any news on developing apps for Kindle – it seems every new device has web access as standard and filtering software naturally can’t keep up.

    • The next update for our Android app will work on the Fire to monitor apps and web traffic in the browser.

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