3 thoughts on “New Job – A Testimony

  1. I been using covenant eyes since Nov 18 of 2012 i am very grateful for u guys services. I been porn free from the internet for almost 3 months. Had a temptation come up in the internet when i received a pop up that deals with porn but thank God for his Love and Grace he gave me the strength to get away. I install pop up blocker in my computer haven’t had a problem since. Accountability is very helpful when using covenant eyes it helps u not to go into porn sites. Porn is a addictions the destroys marriages and disrespect females, and men as well. I am going through the sanctification process and healing. Each day i am running and disciplining my body so that i wont be disqualified 1 corintians 9:27. Brothers and Sisters u can do it!! Be porn free!! Greater is he that is inside u than who is in the world. I highly recomend convenant eyes.

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